Monday News Dump

This isn’t as big as it should have been, but I lost all my tabs for the week, so I’ll have to do the best I can. The news cycle is still pretty dry, unfortunately, but hopefully that’ll change as the pace of fall picks up a bit.

Tarring and feathering might be a bit strong, but I agree with where the Vuurwapen Blog is coming from.

Anthony Bourdain, of Food Network fame, on guns.

IDPA shooters spotted in Kenya. The bravery of the police in Kenya has been impressive. It’s pretty obvious many of them were off duty, grabbed their guns, and ran toward the sound of gun fire, in plain clothes without body armor. That takes a lot of guts and my hat is off to them.

A majority of dealers support expanded background checks. Well, they stand to benefit financially if they were to be put in place. I’m sure car dealers would support a law that said car dealers were the only people permitted to buy and sell cars too.

Funny: Weird Math of the SAFE Act.

This gun saved a life in a rather unexpected way.

Man OCing pistol to a school soccer game cuts game short. I think this was an overreaction, but when you’re asked to leave, you leave. It was a private school, so they are within their right. But it does beg the question, who was “educated” here?

NPR takes a jab at Russia on the gun issue, noting fewer guns and more gun violence. Instapundit notes: “What does it take to get them to depart from the narrative? A jab at President Obama from a foreign leader.

7 thoughts on “Monday News Dump”

  1. If only everyone had the same kind of attitude as Anthony Bourdain then there might actually would be some sort of middle ground on this issue.

    1. I liked his essay, with the usual amount of smugness in condemning the NRA to be noted. Problem is, we already have a middle ground… it’s what we’re living in now. I do think that Anthony’s advice would go a long way toward demonstrating that to anti-gunners.

  2. Well, as far as “new” cars go, yeah, you do have to be an official dealer to sell one. At least in a lot of states. Tesla’s running up against that obsticle in a number of places.

  3. Funny that the antis are a-okay with *some* gun-seller endorsed legislative ideas that will increase the profits of the “gun dealers”.

  4. Anthony Bourdain only did one season on Food then fled to Travel till they started to mess with his stuff. Things like making clip shows and make car ads with out telling him. Now he in doing a show for CNN because they can get him in to hell holes that he could not get to with Travel channel.

  5. Bourdain makes somewhat of an attempt to counsel decent behavior, but then utterly fails with his loathsome caricature of LaPierre.

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