Weekly Gun News – Edition 15


Just when you think maybe your fall won’t be that busy, the landlord boots our company from its palatial estate. Not because they don’t like us or anything, but because we lease from a client of ours, and they need the space for themselves. We’ve known this was coming for a while, but now it’s panic time. This is going to make a lot of work for me over the next several weeks, so I appreciate everyone’s patience. But let us see how many useful tabs I have open:

Gun writer Frank James has passed on. R.I.P.

Lessons from the field: don’t misplace your gun.

As a tech geek, it gets on my nerves when tech geeks comment on technology, like guns, they don’t know the first thing about.

Millennial may be moving to greater gun ownership. I feel like I wrote about this or linked this before, but maybe I only intended to. I’ve said before, I think gun control advocates are going to be disappointed with this generation. Gun control is a movement of old white women, for the most part.

A dose of reality about Australian gun laws.

The biggest gun grabber in the IL State Senate, Dan Kotowski, is stepping down to join a ‘Child Advocacy’ group in Chicago.”

Here’s the old gun and cars meme again, saying we should treat guns more like cars, even though we already mostly do. Cars are actually far less regulated in many areas. Our opponents have always tried to deceive people into believing that guns are essentially unregulated.

Al-Queda is targeting billionaires, including Mike Bloomberg. Good thing they have all that armed security. Remember, good guys with guns never stop bad guys with guns, right Mike?

Dave Hardy has been digging through the Clinton Archives, looking at his executive agenda on guns. I’d wear gloves if I were you, Dave. You don’t know where those documents have been.

A look at Time Kaine’s gun control bill.

They don’t want a national conversation about gun control, as they claim, they want to lecture everyone else.

A guide for GOP candidates on how to fill Court vacancies. A lot is at stake this coming election. The next President will shape the court for a generation.

I’ve actually fired one of these. Very fun.

GOA endorses Ted Cruz. Jacob is right, that it’s way too early. But it all makes sense if you understand that GOA may have motivations that go beyond gun rights.

The Pennsylvania State Police have no authority to conduct inspections of FFLs, absent a valid warrant.

Apparently hunting licenses and hunting fees are an important part of wildlife conservation in Africa. Who would have guessed? Actually, I’m surprised to see this in the New York Times.

The police are allowed to take your firearm during a traffic stop, says federal court. Pennsylvania isn’t a duty to inform state. How did the officer find out you had a gun? If I’m not legally obligated, I never tell an officer I’m armed. Just goes smoother and safer that way.

McAuliffe brings an armed guard to the gun control rally. They are big, important people, you see. Know your place, peasant!

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people floating this idiotic idea over the 15 years I’ve been paying attention to this issue, but it’s still as dumb today as it was then.

Clayton Cramer says to the anti-gun folks, if they don’t like guns, stop promoting bans, because threats of bans seem to sell a lot of guns. Like I’ve said before, the gun control movement is having an impact.

You don’t say: “Criminals Pretty Much Avoid Buying Guns Legally, Says University of Chicago Study

Dispelling a common myth: “You Don’t Need a License to Own a Gun In Philadelphia” Gun ownership in Philadelphia is the same as in the rest of the state, except you need a License to Carry Firearms to carry a firearm on the streets at all, openly or concealed.

Off Topic:

Rudy Giuliani shows how to sell conservative ideas without making it seem like you want to push grandma off a cliff or starve the homeless.

Hillary’s campaign is imploding. This is no real surprise. I’ve seen Township Supervisors with more raw political talent. Her only real political accomplishment was marrying Bill Clinton. She’d have trouble getting elected dog catcher otherwise.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 15”

  1. I caught something interesting following links in the Australia gun confiscation article. I may be wrong, but Australia may be playing games with their homicide statistics similar to what the U.K. does.

    As is now known, the U.K. Home Office creates yearly statistics of homicide based on total number of homicide convictions. It seems Australia might base yearly homicide totals on total number of homicide charges.

  2. Typo Alert!

    “They don’t want a national conservation about gun control…”

    I believe you meant to type the word ‘conversation’.

  3. In Georgia there is case law from State v. Jones 289 Ga. App. 176 (2008) from a traffic stop where the officer does not have carte blanch authority to seize all weapons at a traffic stop.

    In order to justify a search of a vehicle for weapons, some conduct on the part of the occupants such as furtive movements or other indications of danger to the officer must be shown, and the officer must have an “objectively reasonable” belief that the occupants of a vehicle are “potentially dangerous.”

    From http://www.georgiapacking.org/caselaw/statevjones.htm

  4. I won’t be happy till Hillary is in prison. I hope the statute of limitations for mishandling classified info is long enough to see a Republican running the DOJ.

  5. The concepts described by the hunting ban article helped crystalize a certain line of thought I’ve been having about this issue.

    First, we, as humans, are just as much a part of nature as any other living organism we might encounter, and thus have as much of a right to settle this planet as any other organism.

    Second, we are, by nature, omnivores: we eat plants when we can gather (or grow them) and we eat meat when we hunt (or raise) animals. We are naturally hunters and gatherers, and thus we naturally eat anything we can digest (and a few things we can’t).

    Third, as much as humans are predators, they are also prey. Not only that, but when humans grow food and animals, their livelihood is also prey.

    Any preservation effort that doesn’t take these into account will be doomed to failure, because humans need to be able to sleep, eat, and grow things. Any preservation effort that leverages these two facts will thrive, because it will allow humans to thrive as well.

    Thus, humans need to be able to hunt, to kill any animal that will otherwise prey on us and our livelihoods (both to preserve food, and to provide food), and they need to be able to claim land for their own, so they could sleep and grow food. Not only that, when humans can hunt, it gives incentives to both villagers and sportsmen alike to make sure that wild game is preserved, and yet not harming the locals.

    When humans thrive on wildlife, the wildlife will also thrive!

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