Quote of the Day: Definition of Mass Shooting

From Tam:

Remember: New definition of “mass shooting” is “four or more people hit by bullets”. Remember that when they trot the totals out. If JJ shoots Pookie, Ice Dog, and Ray-Ray, and one of them manages to wing him back with return fire, that’s a “mass shooting”.
(They’re counting the Virginia News Crew as a mass shooting because white reporters count as two ordinary people.)

Hopefully Tam won’t mind if you borrow that argument for all your lefty friends who are posting this crap on Facebook about 355 mass shootings this year.

9 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Definition of Mass Shooting”

  1. Even worse, the 355 mass shootings number is crowd-sourced from a virulently anti-gun subsection of Reddit, of which a cursory exam of the data showed much of it to be unsourced, overblown,or misrepresented.

    Source here

  2. From the Washington Post:

    It basically underscores what was already mentioned. Obama gets awarded two “Pinocchios” for his inconsistent claims about mass shootings. At the root of it is how a mass shooting is characterized by scholarly research and/or the federal government.

  3. Has anyone gone back and re evaluated data from the 80’s and 90’s regarding “mass”shootings of 4 or more people to see if they are actually more prevalent now than 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years ago?
    I think it would be interesting to see, assuming that data is actually available.

  4. Here’s how they get to 355 “mass shootings” this year:

    One “mass shooting” = “four or more people hit by bullets”.

    San Bernadino has a reported 14 dead, 17 injured, not counting the two shooters, and assuming there were no white reporters (who, according to Tam, count double). So totalled out: 33 people (14 + 17 + 2).

    33 / 4 = 8.25, which we’ll round down to eight to account for the “four or more” in the definition of “mass shooting”.

    So eight “mass shootings” get added to the list.

    1. No, there’s an actual list, and I’ve looked at it.

      They’re not counting “each multiple of four people”, just “four or more”.

      The list has huge problems, as mentioned, but “simply inflating things by counting one incident as multiple for each four” is not one of them.

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