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Happy Monday. On Wednesday Bitter and I head down to the National Archives to do some research, so posting may be scarce Wednesday. We’ll see. But for now, here’s the news:

I’ve seen gun clubs who can raise more money than this in a single fundraiser.

60% of Americans believe it should be illegal to hit “print” if what you’re printing is a gun. People fear what they don’t understand, and what people fear they usually want to make illegal. We still have a lot of work to do.

Remember, the American Academy of Pediatrics is the enemy. If you’re a doctor, and a gun owner (and there are a lot of you out there) I wouldn’t associate with these groups. Here’s more on the left-wing medical establishment and guns from Howard Nemerov.

Why are anti-gunners so violent?

The most loved and hated gun in America. If it’s a popular gun, they will hate it.

NRA Board aspirant Brandon Webb gets a warm welcome, along with some speculation about who’s backing him. Anyone who thinks America has a “gun problem” has no place on the NRA Board. Fortunately, I don’t think he stands much of a chance.

More recalls over guns, this time in Rhode Island.

The Heller II case is still proceeding.

Why we fight.

ATF contemplating more regulation changes? As Prince Law notes, even the act of considering such a thing is a crime. But who’s going to prosecute? Certainly not Holder’s DOJ. This Administration doesn’t follow any of the usual rules.

Nuclear option for 41P?

Joe asks a good question when it comes to ammunition.

Cuomo is a non-factor for 2016. Now his people are acting like he was never interested in a run. Everyone knows that’s not true. He flushed his political ambitions away on gun control.

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  1. “60% of Americans believe it should be illegal to hit ‘print’ if what you’re printing is a gun.”

    Let’s face it — for all our national prattling, on both the left and right, about “freedom,” “liberty,” blah-blah-blah, at least 60% of people think it should be illegal to do anything they don’t approve of, or that they themselves can’t envision ever wanting to do. And, they want an ever-bigger and more powerful State to enforce that, at the same time they believe in smaller government.

    Orwell had a word for that. Maybe two.

    1. That’s the sad truth. Its always about more regulations and more bans and more laws. Not about anything deeper than “there oughta be a law”! Just if they disagree, then there should be.

      1. Honestly, the gun issue is what has driven me more libertarian “in general” because of this mindset on damned near everything. I am very tired of people saying “there should be a law…” whenever some social ill or misuse of something makes the news. I think our job long term should be to take a broader approach to study how to reach these people. Because we *will* need to reach them.

  2. I am a pediatrician and I would say that 99% of the people I know who are pediatricians are liberal on most issues and more importantly, they believe they know what is best for everyone else and they believe they have some sort of right to impose their beliefs on everyone else. I don’t let it get me upset. Screw them. Don’t forget, the Hollywood elite insiders are the same way; same attitudes, etc. Did not stop Ronald Reagan from being the “Hollywood insider” who was elected President in two landslide elections.

    And, as Ronald Reagan used to tell his staff, (and as I remind myself almost daily), “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”

  3. Without having an avenue to diffuse criticism of potential board nominees, how are potential nominees vetted? Via the internet? Via some kind of secret meeting? Some generally agreed upon evaluation criteria?

    When I got my NRA ballot last year the only names I could pick out and vote for were the “celebs” like Karl Malone and Ted Nugent, but I would wager that there may be even better picks than those folks. I did research a bunch of the names, but without looking at a history of press releases, public statements, etc. attributed to the names, that made it difficult. Larry Craig was on the ballot, for instance, and I made sure not to vote for the likes him. The last thing I would want to do is put someone like this man on the board of the NRA.

    How do we know the extent to which these candidates are actually pro-gun?

    1. They publish bios, but for the most part the Board vets itself. It’s not remarkably easy for someone like Brandon Webb to get on the Board, and we’ve seen that an Internet campaign against someone can ruin their chances.

      1. It might be better for Webb to run and lose big.

        If he is kept off the ballot instead, there would likely be a frenzy of “We told you so’s” from our enemies.

        1. I think the “warm welcome” Brandon got at arfcom is exactly what he needs. A swift kick in the ass and shown the door.

          I do know that I’m personally ready to compromise to limit mass shootings
          You go right ahead and do that dipstick. When they agree to repeal every gun law passed since 1968, then we can talk.

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