Why bother fighting crime…

… when you can just look like you’re fighting crime.  That’s my take on Philadelphia Police Commissioner Johnson’s latest stunt of putting more police brass out on patrol for four hours a week.  I’m not sure how this helps, but at least it’ll be four hours a week he won’t be begging for new guns laws, which won’t help either.

No doubt Commissioner Johnson will be carrying his service pistol with him on this public relations stunt, because the city is dangerous, after all.  But that’s something he wants to deny us ordinary peons.

Stuff Yer Face – I Am So There

Tyler Cowen gives us a snippet from Benjamin Barber’s New Book “Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole“:

There is actually [sic] a restaurant in New Jersey called Stuff Yer Face, and fast food generally is about stuffing your face: about nutrition, fueling up, taking in the calories, food as instrumentality, eaters as mere animals responding to biological imperatives.

I’m maybe 50 minutes away from New Brunswick. I think I will make it a point to go there so I can be infantalzed and swallowed whole. Their website has corrupted me into thinking their strombolis sound rather appetizing. I think washing it down with a beer, chosen from their large selection, is most definitely feeling like a biological imperative as well.

Thanks for the tip, Benjamin Barber. I’m always looking for new and fun places to eat. Stop by if you like.  I’ll buy you a beer.  Then explain to you the many ways you can go to hell for having the audacity to and gall to presume that your fellow citizens are nothing but a bunch of infants who can’t make rational decisions for themselves.

More Info on Webb’s Weapon

It looks like Webb handed the bag off to his staffer because he was boarding a flight. The question of who is the idiot will therefore hinge on one piece of information: did the staffer knew there was a firearm and two extra loaded magazines in the bag? If so, the staffer is the idiot. If not, Jim Webb is the idiot.

There’s also the distinct possibility that both are idiots.

Ignorance on Parade

Someone go explain to this guy that you hunt birds with shotguns and not rifles, and that the vast majority of us that have so called “assault weapons” use them for competitive and recreational target shooting, and not for poaching bald eagles.

It’s amazing these people don’t even bother to learn anything about the people they malign.  I think it’s important to counter a lot of these bogus arguments, but we have to be polite and keep to the facts.  If you just insult people, no one will take you seriously, and you’ll just give them more reasons to justify their hatred of our community.

Terrorists Threaning Gun Bloggers?

Bitter attracts her very own token Animal Liberation Front teenage terrorist. I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous. The best I’ve done is some loser from Minnesota and a Brady staffer who didn’t even have the decency to appear menacing.

I’m going to guess that the kid’s parents are probably whack jobs too, because if I were that uppity as a teen my parents would have put the smackdown on me.

But it doesn’t seem like a terribly good idea to me to go throwing threats, veiled or otherwise, around the gun blogosphere, a demographic which is decidednly more heavily armed than some countries.

Most Likely Explanation

I’ve heard a lot of theories over the past few days about what would motivate Marion Barry to propose lifting the DC gun ban.  I think Gun Law News came up with the most probable sounding:

Having spent 35 years in the D.C. area, I always had the impression that Barry was running on about 20 watts – not the brightest bulb in the pack. My suspicion is that Marion has sourced a gun for himself and just wants to be able to register it. Unfortunately, he is probably a prohibitted person due to his criminal convictions.

I have to agree here folks, setting up people for later confiscation, or trying to eliminate standing for the Parker case, I think is giving the former Mayor way too much credit.

Candians Can Be Crazy Too

It’s not just Americans that can be total loons. This post, in the “Second Amendment” community on my old stomping grounds of LiveJournal, shows that Canadians can be just as batty. The LiveJournal guns community is actually worthwhile, though. It tends to focus more on the interest of shooting. than on the politics, which is refreshing sometimes.

In case you can’t tell, I’m at a loss for things to blog about today. Yesterday was bowling lunch hour with the coworkers. I scored 204 and 213, which beat them all handily (add that to Bitter’s meme of things people don’t know about me — I’m a reasonably decent bowler). After work it was happy hour with some other coworkers and former coworkers. Because of that, I don’t have much to say tonight.

Pelosi is a Liar

Anyone who thinks Nancy Pelosi cares about the environment or global warming is kidding themselves.  We’ve all heard about her request for a C-32 (Boeing 757) aircraft for her own personal use.  Her claim now is:

Hastert, an Illinois Republican, flew in a small commuter-sized jet. Pelosi and her aides say that because her congressional district is in California, her security would require a larger plane that can fly coast to coast without refueling.

“It’s not a question of size, it’s a question of distance,” Pelosi said Wednesday. “We want an aircraft that can reach California.”

You are so full of crap you reek, Nancy.  The Air Force has several other more economical options, if you bothered to look, that have the range to make it to California unrefueled.   But you probably did look didn’t you?   You just want the C-32, because you’re Nancy Pelosi.  Well, screw you.  It’s my tax money that makes those birds fly, and as far as I’m concerned, your staffers and VIPs can fly commercial.

I barely buy the security argument that justifies Pelosi flying on air force jets.  But if it’s going to happen, she can do with a lesser plane.  If the C-21 was good enough for hauling Denny Hastert’s fat ass around, as far as I’m concerned, it’s good enough for Nancy Pelosi too.

It’s Called Natural Selection

A ranch or cabin in the middle of nowhere is really starting to look like a more attractive option than living anywhere near New York City.  From Slashdot:

New York State Senator Carl Kruger is looking to institute a $100 fine for using electronic gadgets while crossing the street. Citing three pedestrian deaths in his Brooklyn district as the main driving reason he believe Government has an obligation to protect its citizens.

That’s three people who won’t be able to pass their defective street crossing genes onto future generations.  My mother always taught me to look both ways before crossing the street.  When I was in college and commuted to school via rail, and listened to headphones, I knew to take them off and listen for the Amtrak trains that zoomed past a 100MPH before crossing the tracks.  Of course, today you can’t do that, because they put up fences to stop you.  You have to go the long way around now, whether you want to risk it or not.

I have one basic philosophy when it comes to my relationship with governemnt: leave me the hell alone.   I’ll pay my taxes, leave other people to their quiet enjoyment of life, serve in the military if called on, do jury duty, and all those things we have to do as part of a society.  But don’t start looking out after me.  I can do that just fine on my own.  If I want to cross the street while talking on a cell phone and risk getting hit by a bus, that’s my damned business.  Life is risky, and sometimes people make bad choices.  There’s nothing government can, or should, do about that.