Keep Digging Joe. Keep Digging.

Joe Sestak apparently doesn’t want to face the fact that Pennsylvania tends to like its Democrats pro-gun, except in the City if Philadelphia and the townships and boroughs that immediately ring the city limits.  Otherwise Joe Sestak wouldn’t be publically calling for an Assault Weapons Ban renewal:

“This recent incident recommits us to reinstitute the assault weapons ban originally instituted in 1994. I have continuously pushed for this ban to be reinstituted since I came to Congress in 2007, including just last year when I cosponsored The Assault Weapons Ban and Law Enforcement Act.

Part of me almost wants Sestak to win his primary, so we can finally be rid of Arlen.  I also think that Sestak is easier to beat in a statewide race.  But then again, we tried that strategy with Obama, and it didn’t turn out so well.  Either way, however, I think Sestak is making a mistake running on this issue in Pennsylvania.  Even Fast Eddie played down his anti-gun bona fides big time when he ran for Governor.  Sestak is digging his own political grave if he runs with this issue out on his sleeve.  It might win him some votes in Philadelphia, but it hurts him in most of the rest of the state.

7 thoughts on “Keep Digging Joe. Keep Digging.”

  1. Ok so Sestak has now come out to publicly support a failed policy that had no effect on violent crime , punished only the law abiding and can be proven to be a complete sham ?? Great what other failed policies of the past could we expect him to support if he gets elected ?

    Someone also needs to remind him that the LA Fitness Shooting was done with pistols , so why the naked attempt to tie it to scary “assault weapons ” Joe ? And that the 30 round mags were only banned from NEW manufacture . There where 100’s of thousands of them still on the market due to being grandfathered . I had no problemm getting about 30 of them for my M4 , my G3 and the Wifes AK for about 15 bucks each .

    What an idiot

  2. Sestak probably recognizes that what we’re living right now is 1993 – 1994 all over again, and in 1994 Pennsylvanians elected an anti-gun Republican governor who already had voted for an “assault weapon” ban while in congress. Of course, he had the NRA running cover for him like he was a cross between Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.

    What Pennsylvanian’s need to get over is the delusion that theirs is a very pro-gun state. They may be great hunters and gun hobbyists, but beyond that, all they usually pay attention to is the NRA’s instructions and Republican campaign drivel.

  3. I’m going to agree in part, and disagree in part. This is not 1993-1994. There has been no new federal gun control, and we’ve weakened it significantly, and almost got a major pro-gun piece of legislation through the Senate. No, this is far from that time.

    But I will agree that PA isn’t a remarkably pro-gun state, that’s largely because we have a large metropolitan area in the southeast corner of the state, where I live actually, that’s been getting uncomfortable blue.

    But I also think a big part of that in cynics who think like you do.

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