Yet More NICS Stuff

It’s getting tiring posting about this, but it’s important, so I’ll keep doing it.  Via SayUncle, I found a pretty good article opposing HR2640:

No one knows how many of the 21 million records Congress seeks will truly identify Americans who lack the legal right to have a firearm. The effect on guns already owned by people in the 21 million records seems clear — they would be subject to confiscation. At least, a transfer of ownership seems a likely requirement if the law is enacted and those people’s names are poured into the list. There are no plans to notify these people.

Well, you see, the problem is these 21 million or so people are likely already prohibited persons, and thus aren’t able to legally own firearms even currently.   I agree that there are likely to be mistakes, but we have that now with the system the way it is, and there’s little recourse for getting your name out.  There’s also a lot of veterans who get screwed in 2000 who will get unscrewed by HR2640.

It’s also important to note that the reason the bill is moving so fast is so that amendments can’t be tacked on during debate.  We want this to move fast.

It seems to me that this article, though well written and well argued, is really arguing against the Brady Act altogether.  I think that’s a reasonable argument to make, because background checks can be infringing if the records are not accurate.  I wish we could have gotten more out of Congress in this regard.   But we did get something, and something is pretty good for a law that doesn’t really add any new legal restrictions on who may or may not own guns.