Is it Just Me?

Or is doing the whole daylight savings time transition several weeks earlier a lot tougher on the ol’ biological clock than it was doing it at the old “spring ahead” time?  I’m still not completely back on schedule in that regard.

7 Responses to “Is it Just Me?”

  1. Rustmeister says:

    It just means you’re getitng old. =)

    FYI, I only got over it a couple days ago, myself.

  2. BobG says:

    I’m still having problems myself.

  3. kaveman308 says:

    I’m not doing so bad with it but my dog is very confused.

  4. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    I never remember when it is anyway, so I always get screwed.

  5. Dano says:

    Still screwed up myself.

    I liked the report I read last week that said it didn’t save anything… it in fact wasted energy. Wish I could remember where that study was…

  6. BadIdeaGuy says:

    It’s definitely been rough on me. Our 6 month old hasn’t really adapted…