Fixing the State Police Problems

This is apparently about a week old, but we missed it in the rush up to the holidays: Governor-elect Tom Corbett is replacing the State Police Commissioner who has been working with Mike Bloomberg’s political group to push more gun control.

The new appointee comes from the Attorney General’s office, so hopefully he’ll stay out the gun control fights and we’ll no longer have to deal with a Commissioner pushing a personal political agenda with the weight of his office behind it.

6 thoughts on “Fixing the State Police Problems”

  1. Not sure about that, but we’re still in a better place with this guy coming in than the current one there. The current one not only still has the registry, but is also using the office to promote MAIG’s agenda and recruit MAIG members. I know some folks on some forums are basically claiming that if he doesn’t hit that delete key on the first day, he’s clearly anti-gun and isn’t worth our time. I say he’s an improvement as long as he’s not working with gun control groups, and the fact that he comes directly out of Corbett’s office means we probably have a better chance at finding a solution to that registry problem than we’ve had in years.

  2. Sorry Bitter, I wasn’t complaining. I was hoping out loud. I’m pretty sure that a dog turd scraped off the bottom of an empty McDonalds bag would be better for PA than the current POS running the State Police. Mostly because the dog turd wouldn’t think up stupid ways to violate the rights of gun owners in PA.

  3. Haha!

    Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were complaining at all. I was just putting out there that I already know some gun owners have complaints since some may make their way over here to read this post. I just think they are silly complaints given that the guy isn’t even in the office yet.

  4. I’d rather see the State Police Database dealt with legislatively, rather than by policy. Otherwise we’re right back to where we started with the next anti-gun administration.

  5. This ties in neatly with Joe Grace leaving CeaseFirePA.
    Ripples in the water!!

    More win for us!! Momentum building win.

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