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Tyler Cowen gives us a snippet from Benjamin Barber’s New Book “Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole“:

There is actually [sic] a restaurant in New Jersey called Stuff Yer Face, and fast food generally is about stuffing your face: about nutrition, fueling up, taking in the calories, food as instrumentality, eaters as mere animals responding to biological imperatives.

I’m maybe 50 minutes away from New Brunswick. I think I will make it a point to go there so I can be infantalzed and swallowed whole. Their website has corrupted me into thinking their strombolis sound rather appetizing. I think washing it down with a beer, chosen from their large selection, is most definitely feeling like a biological imperative as well.

Thanks for the tip, Benjamin Barber. I’m always looking for new and fun places to eat. Stop by if you like.  I’ll buy you a beer.  Then explain to you the many ways you can go to hell for having the audacity to and gall to presume that your fellow citizens are nothing but a bunch of infants who can’t make rational decisions for themselves.

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  1. Oh, sounds like fun. Enjoying good food and knowing that we’re upsetting a leftie makes for a great date. :)

  2. Pizza?


    French fries?



    I’m definitely going there if I’m ever in the area.


  3. Because all I get to watch is children’s movies these days, I’m reminded of a scene from Over the Hedge:

    Vern the Turtle is openly questioning the motives of a raccoon named R.J., who is helping a small group of woodland animals raid suburbia’s food supply with ulterior motives.

    Verne: [to RJ] You see what you’ve done here? If they listen to half the stuff you’re telling them, they’ll be dead within a week! You are only interested in taking advantage of them because they are too stupid and naive to know any better!
    Hammy the Squirrel: [growing solemn] I’m not stupid.
    Verne: [noting the family’s reaction] Okay, I didn’t mean, uh… I meant… ignorant! To the… ways over… over, over there.
    [they begin walking away]
    Verne: C’mon you guys, you know I didn’t mean it like that. Don’t… don’t do this. Stella… Ozzie?
    [stops Hammy]
    Verne: Hammy? You know I didn’t… Hammy?
    Hammy the Squirrel: [pushes him away] I’m not stupid…

    Anyway, where I’m going with this is he’ll sell some books because there’s a good number of people out there who think that they’re indeed smarter than everyone else. But Mr. Barber will never, ever reach “critical mass” because he’s insulting the very people that he expects will read his book.

  4. You’ll never grow up if you keep falling for the lies and deception that is that type of food, Joseph. The corporations are doing their corporationy things that make you think you like it, but you really don’t. They’ve turned you into a sheep who clearly is unable to think for yourself. But fear not, Benjamin Barber stands ready to show you the truth, and do your thinking for you!

  5. Place like Stuff Yer Face could make up for the loss of Greasy Tony’s.
    Too bad: 1) it didn’t open until after I left RU and 2) I didn’t learn about it until after I moved out of state!

  6. Stuff Yer Face is great, worth the trip, definately. Tender, chewy perfect dough stuffed (hence the name) with your favs. Try it with a basic steak, mushrooms and onions or, just as good, assorted veggies, and always oozing cheese. Fragrant, luscious mm, mmm, Mmmm!

    One of my favorites college eateries, still is!

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