Candians Can Be Crazy Too

It’s not just Americans that can be total loons. This post, in the “Second Amendment” community on my old stomping grounds of LiveJournal, shows that Canadians can be just as batty. The LiveJournal guns community is actually worthwhile, though. It tends to focus more on the interest of shooting. than on the politics, which is refreshing sometimes.

In case you can’t tell, I’m at a loss for things to blog about today. Yesterday was bowling lunch hour with the coworkers. I scored 204 and 213, which beat them all handily (add that to Bitter’s meme of things people don’t know about me — I’m a reasonably decent bowler). After work it was happy hour with some other coworkers and former coworkers. Because of that, I don’t have much to say tonight.

3 thoughts on “Candians Can Be Crazy Too”

  1. So, I read the guy’s post about the 2nd Amendment, I only have a couple of comments.

    The only reason Ghandi’s bloodless revolution was successful is because he was “fighting” an enemy that would have been reluctant to simply plug him. The British were rather sporting about all that. I imagine that had he tried that stunt with say, Hitler, the SS would have deposited a pistol round in him right quickly.

    2nd, conscription has been legal in America for a while – it’s called “the draft”. Everyone has to register for it.

    Of course, people reading here would already know this.

  2. You’re spot on about the Ghandi thing. I try not to feed the loons over there, so I didn’t mention it, but non-violence only works against regimes that don’t, in fact, want to kill you. If you’re dealing with folks who don’t have any issues pointing the machine gun into the crowd and letting loose, there’s not much you can do other than fight back… if you have the means to do so.

  3. To further Sebastian’s point, contrast Ghandi’s peaceful revolution with the Tienaman Square protest. More often than not, the outcome is you getting shot.

    I didn’t put too much into his mis-spelling of “Iraq”, but where he lost me was when he turned it into a typical anti George W. Bush screed.

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