News Links for Wednesday 04-01-2015

Lots to do. NRA Annual meeting is coming up, and I have a project I mean to finish before that event swing around next week. But there is some time for a news links post, and maybe some more. Depends on what kind of news comes.

Everytown has been running poll numbers in Florida showing 61% opposed to Florida’s law allowing campus carry. Given their polls for I-594 were running 80-90% and they got 60%, I’d suggest you probably actually have a pretty good majority for campus carry!

Speaking of Everytown, how much you want to bet Bloomberg is behind this propaganda effort?

I’ve seen a few outfits try to make hay out of NRA, you know, complying with state ethics laws on gifts. The scoundrels!

How many times is Kroger going to have to tell MDA to go to hell?

Gun control in Oregon. I feel bad for Oregon gun owners, because I don’t thing it will stay easy from here. Californication is a powerful thing.

FBI is fudging the numbers on school shootings.

CSGV tries to claim a straw buy was a private transfer. Of course, because none of their foaming at the mouth followers have any idea how federal and state law operate.

Rubio backing important civil rights legislation to fix D.C.’s gun laws, and preempt City Government from regulating firearms. I know this will come as a surprise, but I think he means to run for President.

The Tampa Bay Times all but predicts blood in the streets. How many times do they have to be proved wrong?

Another case of the media not having the barest understanding of what they are talking about: “We don’t understand why any armor-piercing bullet, even one capable of being fired only from a rifle, would have been exempted in the first place.” Ten minutes of Googling would have been all the research needed to understand.

NBC is getting sued over the whole Tannerite scare. Good.

Media Matters is sliming Cam Edwards with lies.

Vermont Democrats are busy trying creating a laws that mirror federal law on prohibited persons. Vermont essentially has no crime to speak of. It’s like Switzerland. Looks like there’s some skepticism of Bloomberg’s astroturfing front group in the state.

Constitutional Carry in Maine? Worth trying! Upper New England unfortunately has their own version of Californication in the west.

Jim Geraghty: too much for Everytown to handle. Welcome to the club. Remember, they just want a “national conversation.”

Keep an eye on your kids’ textbooks: “The Second Amendment appears in the book this way: ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms [i.e., for military purposes] shall not be infringed.‘”

How many Democratic candidates do you think will be lining up to kiss Everytown’s ring? Oh yeah, they don’t have a convention. It’ll all be done behind closed doors, because their movement can handle things that way.

Oral arguments were held in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case challenging Maryland’s sweeping post-Sandy Hook gun control laws.

Christie: I’d respect gun rights more with a pro-gun legislature. Keep in mind he did sign a law that allowed people to be denied Second Amendment rights because their name was on a secret government list.

Democratic Governor of Montana vetoes Constitutional Carry.

I’ve often wondered how many members NRA loses because of their fundraising. In truth, NRA are no worse than other groups I’ve been a member of, but for a lot of people, NRA is their only form of engagement. Those are the people NRA needs, because they are potential single-issue voters. My big worry is that NRA is too dependent on mass targeting rather than learning how to micro target members. There’s systems that can do that.

Lots of budget maneuvers over gun rights. NRA has gotten very good at playing this game, and bureaucrats worry about interests with the power to affect their budgets. This is a good thing in this case.

Off topic:

The party of smaller government.” A smattering of bones thrown to the SoCos and “law and order” branches of the coalition.

Glenn Reynolds: You’re probably breaking the law right now.

Why the Dems are desperate for Hillary.

Dog Bites Man: More Gun Control is in the Works in New Jersey

A bill is in the works in New Jersey that would allow police to end your Second Amendment rights on the spot if it’s a domestic call. You can bet this will become standard practice on domestic calls if this passes, even if there’s no real evidence of abuse.

“If they have the courage to go forward, this allows victims a fighting chance to move beyond their abusive situation,” Mosquera said. “This isn’t about gun rights. It’s about keeping guns away from people who have shown a propensity for violence toward women.”

That’s why we have courts and due process. You want to protect women? Just skip the trial and lock the guy up for 5 years. Oh, can’t do that? He has rights, you say? Well, this right should be no different. Due process: you’ve heard of that, haven’t you?

It’s not surprising a bill is moving. The Dems in the legislature want to do two things: one is tempt Christie to sign a gun control law and ruin him as a serious 2016 candidate. The other is to dare him to veto, and help ensure he can’t deliver NJ’s electoral votes if he were the nominee.

Christie isn’t looking all that strong right now, but that could change if Jeb falls apart and the GOP money starts looking for another horse to bet on.

The Whole RFRA Controversy

As many of you have probably heard, Indiana is suffering quite a public relations black eye over passing a state Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). I tend to side with Professor Reynolds view why this suddenly is:

“Dems need something to agitate the base so it doesn’t pay attention to Iranian nukes, trashed email servers, and an overall culture of corruption. Those who join in are willing enablers.”

There’s also the issue that gay marriage is on the cusp of becoming a settled, and the Dems need red meat for the outrage machine heading into 2016.

Eugene Volokh has an article today on RFRA here. The fact that both sides at various times have hated the Sherbert Test and the RFRA that replaced it, makes me think it probably either offers substantive and good protections that limits both sides in their social experiments, or it’s a weapon too dangerous to let either side play with. I tend to think the former. I have no desire to see people discriminated against because of sexual orientation, but I don’t see much harm or risk of enabling systemic discrimination by carving out some narrow exceptions to accommodate people’s (or closely held corporations) religious viewpoints.

So what’s this have to do with gun rights? Not much. It’s an off topic post. But City of Boerne v. Flores, which is a case that involves the RFRA, and is actually responsible for the many state analogue RFRA’s, is going to be a key case for us when Congress starts using it’s Section 5 powers under the 14th Amendment to preserve Second Amendment rights of American citizens. City of Boerne is going to be Bloomberg’s best friend.

That’s Some Problem You Solved There

From the Coloradan:

Three people have been convicted for failing to obey the new background check laws since a bill to expand the requirements went into effect in July 2013.

If you listened to our opponents, there’s an epidemic of criminal trafficking going on right beneath our noses, and surely we just need to pass some “common sense” gun control laws to fix the problem. Three prosecutions in two years does not add up to a serious problem. Shouldn’t Coloradans question the motivation of the people who pushed this law as a solution to a crisis in the wake of such a low level of prosecution? Also, only 24,098 of 512,028 background checks have been processed for private party sales during the period this law has been in effect. That’s a sharp contrast from the 40% number that was batted around by gun control proponents who promoted the ban on private party transfers.

Additionally, the article notes the widespread defiance by gun owners of the magazine restrictions. Perhaps gun control proponents would argue that widespread defiance is also responsible for the astoundingly low numbers of checks run for private party transfers. But if so, doesn’t that just speak to the  law’s uselessness? Either this is not the problem our opponents try to sell it as, or the law doesn’t garner enough respect from law abiding persons as to seem worth obeying. Either way, it speaks to the snake oil Bloomberg has sold residents of Colorado.

Harrisburg Spending $20K it Doesn’t Have on Lost Cause

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania doesn’t have two pennies to rub together, yet they have enough money to spend $20,000 of taxpayer coin on what are only the very beginnings of what could end up being a very expensive lawsuit. Even if the city racks up 100,000 in legal bills, they might end up being on the hook for twice that when they get slapped with the other side’s legal bills too.

And for what? These ordinances cannot be enforced, because they are illegal, and have been since preemption was passed in 1974. Even if Act 192 is found to be unconstitutional, that doesn’t change the legal status and unenforcability of their ordinances. So congratulations Harrisburg taxpayers, I suppose it should be no shock that a city who lacks the financial discipline to avoid ended up in front of a bankruptcy court would waste so much taxpayer money in what amounts, essentially, to a feel-good, symbolic act.

Harry Reid is Retiring

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) announced Friday morning he would not seek re-election in 2016.

IIRC either of the likely successors for leadership of the Senate Democrats are avowedly anti-rights; so this should clear the air some.

Peruta Goes En Banc

According to legal sources, it seems the Ninth Circuit has issued an order for an en banc hearing in Peruta. It might be the bit of pessimist in me, but I doubt this is good news for gun owners in the Ninth Circuit.

Kansas Passes Constitutional Carry

If you live in, near, or have some relationship to Kansas, be sure to contact Governor Brownback to ensure we get a signature here. Remember, Bloomberg tried pretty hard to stop Constitutional Carry in Kansas, and it would be an awful shame to get this far and fail because the Governor didn’t hear from enough of us. If a signature is forthcoming, Kansas will join Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and Arkansas to become the sixth state to pass Constitutional Carry.

This is continuing to progress. Maybe not quite as fast as shall-issue licensed carry, but it is continuing.

Progressive Racists Don’t Count?

Students at UT Austin are angry that their campus has a statue of a racist on campus:

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Statues of George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. and Woodrow Wilson, can all be found on the UT Austin Campus. But another historical figure among them, has some students angry.

Wait, another figure? You were talking about Wilson right? God help us that these ignorant and poorly educated kids will be running the country when I’m old.

“Jefferson Davis stood for some things that are pretty abominable today; Slavery, racism.” Rotnofsky believes. “They’re just not in line with the university’s core values.”


Without diving into the debate over Jeff Davis, if you’re going to tear down the statue of Davis, because he was a racist, you’re going to have to take the one down of ol’ Woody too, because in addition to being a good old fashioned racist and segregationist, unlike Jeff Davis, Wilson also bought into the eugenics movement, all the rage among progressives, that would later go on to form the basis for Nazi race theory.

But it’s OK for us to honor racists, as long as they were sufficiently progressive, right?

Computer Games are a Gateway

To owning the real thing. Caleb takes quite a while to get to the point, but if you’re in a TL;DR mood (or computer gamer jargon grates on you), skip to the last paragraph, where he points out that realistic simulation of real guns are one way to get new blood into ownership of  the real thing.

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