2017 NRA Board Election Results

As requested by readers, here’s a complete list of the NRA Board of Directors results:

Tom Selleck – 110,812
Peter J Printz – 91,410
R Lee Ermey – 89,540
William H Allen – 87,059
Ted W Carter – 87,025
Leroy Sisco – 84,136
Howard J Walter – 83,785
Patricia A Clark – 83,256
Melanie Pepper – 82,817
Thomas P Arvas – 82,500
Linda Walker – 81,874
Charles L Cotton – 80,779
Curtis S Jenkins – 80,529
Carl Rowan, Jr. – 79,104
Allan D Cors – 79,021
Todd J Rathner – 78,516
Lance Olson – 75,978
J Kenneth Blackwell – 74750
Steven C Schreiner – 73,406
Sean Maloney – 72,924
Heidi E Washington – 72,600
Clel Baudler – 72,576
Dan Boren – 69,829
Graham Hill – 68,672
Robert E Mansell – 68,492
Willes K Lee – 68,299
Kim Rhode Harryman – 67,906

Those who didn’t win a seat:

James S Gilmore III – 67,760
N Stephanie Spika – 67,097
David Carruth – 67,066
John L Cushman – 66,949
Richard L Kussman – 63,251
Robert A Unkovic – 62,946
Adam Kraut – 62,400
Stephen D Stamboulieh – 57,897
Eric Wright – 48,454

They also reported that since Roy Innis passed away after ballots were printed, he did earn 77,340 votes. However, everyone below him moved up one. The last two winners are fulfilling unexpired terms of previously sitting board members.

I know there were concerns over bylaws changes impacting one’s ability to run as a petition candidate for the board, so those numbers are as follows. There were 135,118 ballots cast in the board election. However, 4,558 were invalid. So that leaves 130,560 valid ballots cast in the board election. With the members overwhelmingly supporting the bylaws changes (92%-8%), that means 653 signatures will be needed for new petition candidates to make the ballot. Honestly, it’s not hard in the age of the internet to connect with other NRA members, and with anyone who has made any connections through NRA’s many volunteer opportunities that mostly draw NRA members – competitions, elections, and/or Friends dinners.

UPDATE: I forgot to link earlier a stat earlier that showed of 5 new members of the Board, 3 are women. That makes 13 female members of the NRA Board of the Directors, which is about the same percentage as Congress.

11 thoughts on “2017 NRA Board Election Results”

  1. Just a couple of comments. First, I am astounded that someone as accomplished as Kim Rhode Harryman who not only won 6 Olympic medals but also proclaimed her support for the 2A in very public venues was the last one to make the cut. She should have been in the top 3 or 4.

    Second, as a North Carolinian I am embarrassed that someone like Howard Walter (who lives in an adjacent county and) who has done diddly squat for gun rights in this state over the last 15-20 years came in 7th.

    If the NRA is ever going to grow beyond its base of old white guys (like me), then the Nominating Committee needs to make a conscious effort to bring in new blood. This isn’t going to happen if they continuously keep endorsing the same old farts who have been coasting on past accomplishments for years.

    1. I worry about having to many lawyers.
      Kim should have beaten Tom Selleck. She works hard in California. Tom, not so much.
      California has the most NRA members, so she had that going for her.

    2. I agree that Kim should have done much better in the election based on qualifications. Those of us who support her can step it up next year and give her a more solid cushion. (She’s filling an unexpired term that expires next year.)

      As for who wins and the idea of the old white guy, I’m going to do a post on this addressing this argument and where these people we internet-based activists are finding their support. However, I want to do a fuller interview with the Board members elected at younger ages to give specific examples to do it and right now I need to clean out the rental and return it. :) But this likely uber post is coming. It’s rather complicated, and it might even explain a bit as to why Kim didn’t get as many votes as we would like to see her get.

  2. Sad to see the bylaw changes passed, and sad at such a large margin. Its a huge mistake.

    1. As someone who voted for them, I disagree. I didn’t love every suggestion, but I believe the most important things did need to be changed. I also understand why with 2.1 million ballots sent, things had to happen as a vote up or down for a package.

      Just doing 3-4 bylaw changes with a group of ~40 DAR members makes me want to pull hair out. (I love my fellow Daughters, but bylaws debates get ugly. We had to split them across many meetings to keep the peace, and even that was messier than it should have been with conflicting bylaws in place for nearly 2 years. NRA doesn’t have that luxury.)

  3. John Cushman was elected as the 76 th. directer — where Dick Kussman tried to buy his way in with free gifts at the meeting.

    1. Correction — Adam Kraut not Kussman tried to buy his way in — oops —

  4. Clel Baudler. Bad for gun rights in Iowa. On the board? really? The one and only reason i dont give my money to the NRA. The anti- gunners know whats going on before the pro- gunners do! Inside information i guess. Get rid of that guy!

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