NRA Meeting Off

While I was driving, word came out that the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits are fully cancelled.

It probably saves them embarrassment since I just found in my files I forgot I had from earlier in the year a better showing of just how many exhibitors attendees would typically expect were refusing to attend.

Interestingly, you would only know this if you’re part of the online gun community because NRA’s Annual Meeting website hasn’t been flipped over to announce the news yet.

I’m going to take a guess that they did some calculations that made them realize they’ll lose more money having the event than if they cancel now, even without the protection of any force majeure clauses related to government closures.

I am curious about the annual meeting of members, though. There was always chatter that Denver had to happen after Columbine because of New York laws. And when they did have the protection of force majeure at work on last year’s annual meeting, they still opted to plan another one.

What bothers me is that I can’t help but wonder if this is also in part due to potential of unfilled board seats since they literally ran out of people willing to be on the board combined with the fact that they now get to use the excuse to play around the dates petition candidates have to get on the ballot. Maybe I’m too cynical in my opinion there, but it’s not like there isn’t reason to be these days.