NAGR Steps into Pennsylvania Politics

I’m just going to say “not helping.” It’s clear that Dudley Brown knows nothing about the political climate here in Pennsylvania. I haven’t seen any PA-specific approval ratings lately that indicate any kind of serious plunge or distrust of Obama, but aside from that issue, their messaging for a blue state is terrible. Brown chooses … Continue reading “NAGR Steps into Pennsylvania Politics”

More NAGR Amateur Mistakes

It looks as if NAGR were robocalling gun owners with the wrong information, and were actually telling people to ask Governor Sandoval to sign the private transfer ban that’s currently sitting on his desk. It would seem they’ve since corrected it, but it’s amateurish mistakes like this which make me not take NAGR or Dudley … Continue reading “More NAGR Amateur Mistakes”

RMGO Loses Its Tax Exempt Status

I’ve often been pretty critical of Dudley Brown and the National Association for Gun Rights, but it’s looking like another one of Dudley’s outfits, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, has lost its tax-exempt status from the IRS, because they have not filed tax returns for three years. I wonder how long it will take the inevitable … Continue reading “RMGO Loses Its Tax Exempt Status”

HR822 Debate Live Blogging

I’m going to do my best to cover the debate and voting on HR822 in this thread. Keep reloading, and I’ll keep updating. If you want to follow along yourself, you can here on C-SPAN. 12:03PM: Congress just came into session. Looks like the debate won’t begin until 1:15PM EST 01:00PM: Congress is back from … Continue reading “HR822 Debate Live Blogging”

Where Did You Get That Idea?

Sometimes the stuff that comes out of Truth About Guns just boggles the mind. I have no idea how Robert Farago came to the conclusion that NRA was ripping gun bloggers a new one, but that was most decidedly not my takeaway from NRA press release, which seemed aimed more at the accusations of one … Continue reading “Where Did You Get That Idea?”

NAGR’s Continuing Opposition to HR822

Here’s some excerpts from Dudley Brown’s latest e-mail alert: Subject: Anti-gun bill getting worse! I can see suggesting letting the feds involve themselves in concealed carry is a bad idea, but let’s not get ridiculous here. Unfortunately, ridiculous is where this is headed: As I type this, all-out war has been declared on your gun … Continue reading “NAGR’s Continuing Opposition to HR822”

NAGR Coming out Against HR822

The National Association for Gun Rights are worried about federal intervention into the issue of concealed carry, going so far as to adopt the utterly ridiculous moniker for this bill, “National CCW Registration Act.” Understand that I don’t belittle anyone who has concerns about the feds getting involved in traditionally state issue of concealed carry. … Continue reading “NAGR Coming out Against HR822”

Why We Need “Gucci Loafered Lobbyists”

Because without them, you can’t exploit opportunities like this. If we can preserve this through the Senate, which we stand a good chance to, it will become a crime for ATF to even continue prattling about long gun reporting requirements. This is a big reason Dudley Brown has no clue what he’s talking about when … Continue reading “Why We Need “Gucci Loafered Lobbyists””

More on Earlier Rumors

So it’s the end of the week, and the rumor that was spreading about an amendment being attached to the FAA Authorization Bill now being debated in the Senate has yet to materialize. Gun Owners of America is has now issued an alert on this rumor, but says “GOA’s sources inside the Senate indicate that … Continue reading “More on Earlier Rumors”