Profile Piece of NAGR/RGMO’s Dudley Brown

This is a very interesting article for people who like politics, essentially describing one viewpoint on how Colorado was lost. I don’t know enough about Colorado politics to have any insightful commentary, but the state, like many other western states, strikes me as having a pretty strong libertarian streak, much of which I’d imagine is … Continue reading “Profile Piece of NAGR/RGMO’s Dudley Brown”

Journalists Who Can’t Do Math

This is real Baghdad Bob shit right here. Basically, to sum up, the NRA is increasingly dependent on the firearms industry for money, because $14 million has been donated by gun makers over the years. The author even mentions NRA’s revenue is $310 million from membership dues. Do you even math!?!? But even with that, … Continue reading “Journalists Who Can’t Do Math”

Weekly Gun News – Edition 30

It’s not often I’ll start out with a news post on Monday, but if I sit on some of these links, they’ll go stale. Bill to legalize silencers passes out of committee…. in Massachusetts. I think the hearing argument is a powerful one. We should ask our opponents why they want people to go deaf? … Continue reading “Weekly Gun News – Edition 30”

Good News for Colorado Gun Owners

A new poll shows that Colorado voters oppose tougher gun laws. Opposition pushes to 70% for men, with women barely getting a majority of 51%. That’s still a pretty significant gender gap, but support is still dropping among women, it’s just dropping much faster among men. This is good news. The article does note that … Continue reading “Good News for Colorado Gun Owners”

Newsmax: Here’s a Crappy List of 100 Pro-Gun People We Could Think Of

Newsmax has published it’s list of 100 most influential people in the pro-gun movement. Newsmax is normally on the list of sites I won’t link, because they are the National Enquirer of the conservative news sites. But this was a stupid enough list I had to comment.  It strikes me more as “Let’s list out … Continue reading “Newsmax: Here’s a Crappy List of 100 Pro-Gun People We Could Think Of”

Magazine Ban Partial Repeal Dead in Colorado

I’m sorry to report that it appears Dudley Brown was successful in scuttling a Democratic proposal to raise the magazine limit in Colorado from 15 to 30 rounds. Caldara said Wednesday that he had not yet received the letter, but agreed that it would be impossible to pass a 30-round limit this year with 26 … Continue reading “Magazine Ban Partial Repeal Dead in Colorado”

The Magazine Battle in Colorado

Most everyone is aware of the effort by Senate Republicans in Colorado to repeal Colorado’s post-Sandy Hook gun control laws. That effort runs into issues in the Democratically controlled house, and then finally with Governor Hickenlooper. So you’d think of the Democrats conceded that maybe they went too far, and they’d be willing to consider … Continue reading “The Magazine Battle in Colorado”

NAGR Opposing National Reciprocity

See NAGR’s release here. I was previously wary of National Reciprocity supported solely on the herpes theory of the commerce clause, so I don’t outright scoff at people’s concerns with federal involvement in this area. But with the advent of Heller and McDonald rulings, Congress now has another, more constitutional avenue to legislature in this area, … Continue reading “NAGR Opposing National Reciprocity”

In Order to Win Colorado Back, House Democrats Must be Removed From Power

The Denver Post is reporting on the committee votes in the Colorado House: HB 1050: Repeals requirement that anyone besides a licensed gun dealer who transfers possession of a firearm must obtain a background check and repeals requirement that charges a fee for a check. Defeated 6-5. HB 1127: Establishes immunity from certain civil actions for owners and … Continue reading “In Order to Win Colorado Back, House Democrats Must be Removed From Power”