Why We Need “Gucci Loafered Lobbyists”

Because without them, you can’t exploit opportunities like this. If we can preserve this through the Senate, which we stand a good chance to, it will become a crime for ATF to even continue prattling about long gun reporting requirements.

This is a big reason Dudley Brown has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to politics.

6 Responses to “Why We Need “Gucci Loafered Lobbyists””

  1. David Lawson says:

    Our state lobbyist drives a bulldozer…but that’s how we get things done in Illinois.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Yes, and I’m fairly certain Todd wouldn’t be caught dead in Gucci Loafers :)

  3. Dannytheman says:

    Well played, my friend, well played!!!

  4. ExurbanKevin says:

    And, in other news, the “No-Compromise Gun Lobby” is trying to marriage between people who are “a little light” in their Gucci loafers.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Priorities, people

  5. Old NFO says:

    Nicely done! :-)

  6. David Lawson says:

    I’m going take up a collection to buy a pair of gucci loafers for Todd…