RMGO Loses Its Tax Exempt Status

I’ve often been pretty critical of Dudley Brown and the National Association for Gun Rights, but it’s looking like another one of Dudley’s outfits, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, has lost its tax-exempt status from the IRS, because they have not filed tax returns for three years. I wonder how long it will take the inevitable fundraising letter to go out, talking about how the Obama Administration, through his Internal Revenue Service, is trying to silence the voice of gun owners, and surely won’t you donate some money to fight Obama.

To be fair, most any tax-exempt political organization is pretty shameless when it comes to fundraising, but I’ve always thought Brown’s organization was an extra shade of shameless. I’ve also never really understood what they are really contributing. From what I’ve been able to find, NAGR doesn’t even have a lobbyist registered on the Hill.

4 thoughts on “RMGO Loses Its Tax Exempt Status”

  1. There have been times where I was convinced Dudley Brown was a “deep cover plant” by the Brady bunch, as obnoxious and toxic as he gets.

    Larry Platt has zero credibility, which is a tremendous shame because I have a lot of friends in the biz who are supporters and members of GOA.

    I am highly suspicious of ANY organization that attempts to raise money by criticizing, directly, other organizations in the same lobbying fold when what they should be doing is criticizing their/our common foes, ie the anti-gun/anti-freedom fools.

    It’s bad enough we have to listen to so-called conservative candidates attack each other during primaries rather than being able to run on their OWN records or qualification.

    There is plenty of room, and funds, for a number of pro-gun organizations and associations without having to resort to attacking each other.


  2. “There is plenty of room, and funds, for a number of pro-gun organizations and associations without having to resort to attacking each other.”

    You are operating from the assumption that their agenda is only gun rights and fund-raising for that purpose (or, raw profit), and that they aren’t a front for something else — and I don’t mean the Brady Bunch.

    They are part of a stealth “under the radar” network that really embraces no one who isn’t a part of that network, or at very least, a trustworthy useful idiot for it. They encompass far more issues and causes (that could generally be classified as “social conservative”) than just gun rights, and are building an awesome email database, presumably for some future campaign of equally awesome proportion.

    This may sound all to the good if you consider yourself “social conservative,” but the problem is, when a group’s nominal issue is really a front for an additional agenda, you can’t tell whether the information they are pitching on their front-issue is reliable or not.

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