Consider the Source

Glenn Reynolds has heard a rumor circulating that the Democrats are going to try to attach the magazine ban to an FAA appropriations bill. I heard this earlier today, but the source of this would seem to be Dudley Brown from the National Association for Gun Rights, a group I’ve demonstrated before doesn’t even have … Continue reading “Consider the Source”

Reading the Chess Board

So since it seems like we’re going to get DISCLOSE rammed down our throats by the White House, it’s worth taking a look at the chess board and seeing what we stand to lose. It should be noted that at this time, the White House seems to be sticking behind Van Hollen’s promise to proceed with … Continue reading “Reading the Chess Board”

“The Question is Strategy”

There seems to be a meme floating around right now that NRA is sitting out of fights. The big one appearing today in the Wall Street Journal, quoting from some of our leaders in the movement, and from Josh Horwitz, all along similar lines that NRA is, “no longer absolutely the 800-pound gorilla.” I worry … Continue reading ““The Question is Strategy””