Security Problems at NAGR?

Paul Lathrop, of the The Polite Society Podcast, and John Richardson of No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, take a look at what appears to be a pretty serious privacy breach going on with NAGR. To make a long story short, it appears that there’s some kind of misconfiguration or mistake in forwarding web forms:

When asked if the rest of the emails looked like the email he provided to us he stated, “Yes. It’s random questions from people who visited their “Contact Us” page, then forwarded by someone within their organization for follow-up or review. Some of them contain some very specific personal information, like the USPS worker who details which facility he works at in pursuit of an answer to a legal question.”

I’d say that’s a pretty serious issue, and one that ought to be addressed rather than shrugged off. What’s even more disturbing is that in the comments, other people report getting similar e-mails, which means it’s not just going out to one person by mistake.

I am not a fan of NAGR, as anyone who’s been following this blog for some time would know, so I should get that bias out of the way first. I don’t encourage people to join and suggest gun owners have no dealings with them or any of Dudley Brown’s other organizations. This would seem to be yet another example of amateur hour.