Toomey Cozy With Gun Control Crowd

We spent years trying to get rid of Arlen Spector, and now Pat Toomey being Arlen reborn is probably a best case scenario for guns: The big question now is whether we’ve lost Toomey for good on the gun issue, or whether he’s just going to play both sides like his predecessor did. If Toomey is … Continue reading “Toomey Cozy With Gun Control Crowd”

Pat Toomey Reaps the Rewards

Back in March, Sebastian called it when he noted that while Pat Toomey was touting support from CeasefirePA leadership, these are not people who would ever actually cast a vote for him. Granted, we thought that was more of a “won’t vote for you in the privacy of the voting booth” type of prediction, not … Continue reading “Pat Toomey Reaps the Rewards”

Time to Pressure Pat Toomey

The antis are putting the pressure on Senator Toomey to embrace the terror watch list bill, or face ads saying the Senator supports arming terrorists. Be sure to call Pat Toomey’s office and persuade him. Tell him you have no compunctions about leaving him off your ballot in November if he turns. Say this even … Continue reading “Time to Pressure Pat Toomey”

PA Gun Rights Group Pushing Write-in Campaign Against Toomey

Senator Pat Toomey has no primary challenger in Tuesday’s Republican primary. Pennsylvanians for Self Protection are urging GOP primary voters to write in “2A” in place of voting for Senator Toomey: Pennsylvanians For Self-Protection (PA4SP) a non-partisan, non-profit gun rights advocate based in the Southeast yesterday recommended it’s members to write-in “2A” for 2nd Amendment when voting … Continue reading “PA Gun Rights Group Pushing Write-in Campaign Against Toomey”

Does Toomey Think He Can Survive As An Anti-Gun Republican?

I’ve about had my fill of this shit show of an election season, and here comes Pat Toomey trying to get votes from people who will never vote for him while actively working to piss off the people who worked hard to put him in the Senate: Nancy Grogan is a Board member of CeaseFire, … Continue reading “Does Toomey Think He Can Survive As An Anti-Gun Republican?”

Pat Toomey Goes for More Gun Control

CeaseFire PA is bragging that Sen. Pat Toomey called them with promises of pushing more gun control as he goes into his final year of this term. As you may recall, the gun control legislation that Pat Toomey actually authored is not at all what Pat Toomey tells voters he’s backing. Toomey’s numbers were already … Continue reading “Pat Toomey Goes for More Gun Control”

Toomey Backs off Gun Control

This just might lead you to believe that an election is coming up, because there were plans for a gun rights group to protest Pat Toomey’s office, but they were cancelled when apparently, “a Toomey staffer promised the senator would not reintroduce the high-profile gun control bill known as the Toomey-Manchin proposal that stalled in … Continue reading “Toomey Backs off Gun Control”

I Guess Pat Toomey Didn’t Learn His Lesson

I had hopes that perhaps Pat Toomey was largely bamboozled by Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer, and after experiencing the backlash first hand, would leave the gun control issue alone for the rest of his term, and perhaps even kiss up to us by giving us a few critical votes before he’s up for re-election. … Continue reading “I Guess Pat Toomey Didn’t Learn His Lesson”

How’s Gun Control Working Out for Pat Toomey?

National Journal pointed out way back in 2013 that his staff seemed to recognize he had made a mistake. Now Brietbart is noting that Toomey’s polling isn’t looking too good. It’s never been smart politics to stab the people who helped you get elected in the back. That’s especially true when your potential upside isn’t there … Continue reading “How’s Gun Control Working Out for Pat Toomey?”

Dean Heller Says No to Manchin-Toomey

Dean Heller, Republican Senator from Nevada, has said he’s unlikely to support any ban on private transactions by gun owners under any circumstances. “What we’re doing is criminalizing any private transaction by gun owners,” Heller said. “…If we can get the onus off the law abiding citizens and make it a responsibility of those who … Continue reading “Dean Heller Says No to Manchin-Toomey”