Toomey Cozy With Gun Control Crowd

We spent years trying to get rid of Arlen Spector, and now Pat Toomey being Arlen reborn is probably a best case scenario for guns:

The big question now is whether we’ve lost Toomey for good on the gun issue, or whether he’s just going to play both sides like his predecessor did. If Toomey is intent on being anti-gun, I can have a Democrat do that job just as well as a Republican. Just sayin, Pat.

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  1. First thoughts, out loud and not necessarily well thought-out:

    I have been saying one of my fears is a popular backlash against Trumpism, that results in our baby (gun rights) getting thrown out with the bathwater (Trumpist autocracy and hard-right/Dominionist opportunism.)

    This appears to be an example of one of the rats sensing a listing ship, and positioning himself to be one of the early jumpers.

    Look out. Little is more dangerous than the people getting exactly what they voted for.

    1. First off; Toomey is a useful idiot like Graham and McCain. He actually believes that he can “compromise” with a Stalinistic enemy that wants to destroy him.

      2nd off; The “popular backlash against Trumpism” has to do, overwhelmingly more so, with our side getting complacent, lazy, and, apathetic to the American “Body-Politic” after we win elections, achieve victories in court, etc.etc..

      Take a look at the DC V.Heller case on the gun issue. That decision played a role in Obama’s election in 2008 because the pro 2nd Amendment got airheaded in actually believing that the Democrats would honor the Court ruling and back off in trying to abolish civilian firearms ownership. Of course, too many of us refused to see the forest for the trees and not just hear, but LISTEN to the dogwhistles of the Stalinist Left, that they would fight endlessly to overturn Heller and McDonald, as I remember hearing Bloomberg, the DNC, and the Brady Campaign vowing to do those things the day of the Heller decision with Leftwing Activist Judges, coming close to doing so with Obama, and would’ve done so with Clinton.

      Take a look at the 2017 Townhall Sessions, the violence projected by the Left in places like Berkkey CA, and the 2 special elections in Kansas and Georgia. Our side is sitting at home with to many of us failing to understand that the Stalinist Left won’t take no for an answer. They will never recognize any political entity other than their own, and, are practically on the verge of waging war with us considering that their actions show that they have a defacto declaration of war on us.

      GOP voter turnout was lower than expected in Kansas and Georgia, giving Democrats encouragement to lay seige to reliable GOP districts.The Democrat Oligarchs like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen are unleashing more of their $ on us, and they have the $ to beseige us. $9 million were dropped into the Democrat, Jon Osoff’s campaign for the Special Election in Georgia alone, $3 million into local Illinois Elections putting Democrats into political seats held by the GOP for over 100 years, and they will dump astronomically more $ into typical election cycles.

      Leftist, militant, Stalinist agitators are violently assaulting pro-Trump rallies, and are flooding GOP townhalls. Our side should be countering them, shouting them down, and forcing our GOP reps to adhere to us, not them, because GOP reps are to stupid to get that if you give these Stalinist leftists all that they want, it won’t matter. Your base will be betrayed, and, the Stalinists will never vote for anything other than Democrats anyway.

      In reality, our side needs to start fighting, back. One battle never decides a war, and the Leftist, Stalinist movement has declared war on us. We must fight, or, our country is indeed over.

    2. I have been saying one of my fears is a popular backlash against Trumpism … This appears to be an example of one of the rats sensing a listing ship, and positioning himself to be one of the early jumpers.

      This is literally 1000.62% correct. In fact, when Toomey worked with Joe Manchin (and Chuck Schumer) in 2013 to push universal gun registration, it was actually because he saw that Trump would be elected in a few short years in a populist wave that would sweep across the nation. It was not because Toomey didn’t respect our rights back then, and still doesn’t now. This is my very extremely serious analysis, and I’m not saying that what you wrote is demonstrably, laughably untrue.

      1. “…it was actually because he saw that Trump would be elected in a few short years…”

        Well, time will tell, now won’t it?

        But I wasn’t saying it is solely because of the Trump phenomenon that Toomey is doing what he’s doing; I’m saying (and said elsewhere) that the bastard has always been an opportunist, and what he’s doing now is sensing instability and uncertainty and positioning himself to leap in the direction that circumstances demand for political survival.

      1. And yet he appointed Betsy DeVos. Go figure.

        But Trump himself believes in nothing but Trump himself. He sees only allies-of-the-moment, and what they believe is the least of his concerns. The alt-right and theofascists provide the backbone and framework of his “base,” and if they wash his back, they’ll wash his.

        I haven’t heard anything even coherent out of Trump, much less ideological, and yet somehow a recognizable ideology has flocked to him. Again, go figure.

        1. The Trump Cabinet Has Its Own Weekly Far-Right Bible Study Group

          Ralph Drollinger, a right-wing pastor with a long history of ties to Rick Perry and other Trump Administration officials, claims on his web site to be running weekly Bible sessions specially for the Trump Cabinet. He has praised the new administration for its power to “change the course of America in ways that are biblical.”

          A former college basketball star turned evangelical Christian whose own church disavowed him over his bigotry and radical theology, Drollinger has variously proclaimed that Catholicism is “the world’s largest false religion,” that female legislators who continue working after having children are sinners, and that homosexuality is an “abomination.” He has also written that social welfare programs are un-Christian. “It is safe to say that God is a Capitalist,” Drollinger once wrote, “not a Communist.” In a January radio interview, Drollinger praised then-senator Jeff Sessions, who “hungers and thirsts for the Scripture,” for his performance during his confirmation hearing, when he provided a Biblical justification for his draconian views on immigration. “I’ve had the distinct honor of teaching him on this subject, and many others,” Drollinger said. “There’s nothing more exciting, when you’re a Bible teacher, to see one of the guys you’re working with—to see him or her articulate something you’ve taught them when they’re under the gun.”

          Vice President Mike Pence, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, nominee for Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, HHS Secretary Tom Price, and Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, have all sponsored the Capitol Ministries Cabinet Bible study, according to literature put out by Capitol Ministries.

          Whole article here.

        2. ” and if they wash his back, they’ll wash his.”

          Oops. Make that and “if they wash his back, he’ll wash theirs.”

  2. “Toomey is a useful idiot like Graham and McCain. He actually believes that he can “compromise” with a Stalinistic enemy that wants to destroy him.”

    No, Toomey is an opportunist. Toomey doesn’t believe in anything but Toomey. Never has, never will. What you call “compromise” is, Toomey doing his damnedest to position himself to jump in the direction of the winner.

    As long ago as 1998 or 2000 (I forget, exactly) a couple of my friends set up an ambush for him when he came to campaign at their gun club in his Lehigh Valley district. He was expecting softballs that he he could field with “enforce existing laws” rhetoric, and they instead had him squirming with pointed questions about exactly what he meant by “gun rights.” He went scurrying to escape, early.

  3. Isn’t “Under the Gun” the “documentary” where Katie Couric was caught manipulating the interviewers to put gun-rights activists in a bad light?

    Why do I have the feeling that the other two movies are equally bad?

    And why does Senator Toomey think it’s Ok to put a stamp of approval on such things?

    1. I can answer the last question.

      He doesn’t know about the problems with such films, because he doesn’t actually care either way.

  4. “why does Senator Toomey think it’s Ok to put a stamp of approval on such things?”

    I think I answered that above. But I guarantee that the next time he runs gun owners will be creaming their jeans that he absolutely, positively has to be reelected or the nation as we know it is, finished, finished.

    Forgive me; I’ve been watching these charades for too long.

    1. Which is exactly what happened this year.

      Now he knows he can be anti-gun and get elected in PA. That’s the message he got. “These idiot gun owners will vote for me anyway because I’m a Republican”

      Which is why I did not vote for him and rooted for him to lose.

  5. Seeing him with hard core anti-gun Murphy is all you need to know about Toomey.

    Man those gun owners who said Toomey will be fine and we MUST vote for him to protect gun rights were so right!!

    1. Yes, they were. If Toomey had lost, the Senate would be 51-49. Given thatmargin, are you willing to gamble on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer? Hint: Gorsuch would not be sitting on USSC at this time had that been the case.

      1. Yes because of the long term implications. Gorsuch would still have been confirmed, and we’d have taught Republicans that being anti-gun is an electoral loser.

        1. You underestimate the willingness of the Evil Party to be evil, and overestimate the capacity of the Stupid Party to not be stupid.

          1. And you all underestimate the capacity of the Evil Party to be stupid, and the Stupid Party to be evil.

            More exactly, I think you believe it is much too clear which is which.

            1. To be fair, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between malice and incompetence….

  6. Running an ad with anyone’s photo in Toomey’s slot on that flyer would likely get me to vote for the opponent. When Manchin-Toomey was going on, I filed him under weathervane trying to cozy up to the side that looked like it would win. Healey and Murphy are committed enemies who want to be leaders of the anti-gun side, so joining them suggests Toomey is too.

  7. has he learned by now that anti-gun voters are not going to come through for him in the general election?

    1. He just got re-elected, so yes they were, AND gun owners also came through, because of an R next to his name. So he’s learned quite well. In fact, that’s why I think he’s willing to have his name next to Murphy’s. Because gun owners don’t care (see Evan above).

  8. “has he learned by now that anti-gun voters are not going to come through for him in the general election?”

    What he definitely learned is that pro-gun voters are going to come through for him, no matter how many times he’s shit in church (figuratively speaking).

    What you guys have yet to figure out is, we’re the ones that people like Toomey have completely scoped out. Mysteries, we are not.

  9. To change the subject slightly: does anyone else find it strange that their logo is highly reminiscent of a brand that has recently become extremely toxic?

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