Does Toomey Think He Can Survive As An Anti-Gun Republican?

I’ve about had my fill of this shit show of an election season, and here comes Pat Toomey trying to get votes from people who will never vote for him while actively working to piss off the people who worked hard to put him in the Senate:

Nancy Grogan is a Board member of CeaseFire, PA. I’d bet money she’s not voting for Pat Toomey in the general, regardless of her willingness to “reward” him for his loyalty.

13 thoughts on “Does Toomey Think He Can Survive As An Anti-Gun Republican?”

  1. Not only that, Pennsylvanians will be stupid enough to reelect Bob Casey AGAIN because of his dadie’s name. Toomey is going to be responsible for PA having 2 Democrat senators in 2020, and Toomey cuddling up with filthy, communist gun grabbers is why the electorate on the right side of the spectrum is drawn to Trump.

  2. My only question is whether I vote for nobody, or his opponent. Decisions, decisions..

      1. Isn’t Toomey unopposed in the GOP primary? Has anyone actually met the filing requirements?

      2. Well, you could always vote against him in the primary.

        And the general. All he had to do was nothing. Everyone was days – if not hours – away from giving up on the gun control push, but then he teamed up with Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer to try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

        1. Yea, and all Merrick Garland had to do for Parker v. D.C. (striking down D.C.’s handgun ban) was nothing.

          But, he voted to have it re-heard, which paved the way to SCOTUS (renamed to D.C. v. Heller).

          RE: Toomey – Anti-gunners gotta anti-gun. That he’s willing to keep a dying issue alive shows just how anti-gun he really is.

  3. He’s a traitor. Universal background checks are in fact elimination of private sales. Private sales are between 2 lawful gun owners only. So, he is blaming lawful gun owners for gun violence.

    I guess Bloomberg got his money’s worth when he bought Toomey.

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