Pat Toomey Goes for More Gun Control

Pat Toomey

CeaseFire PA is bragging that Sen. Pat Toomey called them with promises of pushing more gun control as he goes into his final year of this term.

As you may recall, the gun control legislation that Pat Toomey actually authored is not at all what Pat Toomey tells voters he’s backing. Toomey’s numbers were already anemic at best. I don’t see how telling American gun owners that they need to give up their gun rights in light of a terrorist shooting is good politics.

10 thoughts on “Pat Toomey Goes for More Gun Control”

  1. Huh. Thought he was running for reelection. Guess not.

    1. He’s certainly not getting my vote.

      The good news is that it’s probably still early enough to have a good shot at primarying him.

      1. I actually voted for that back stabbing jackass last time, never again at this point…..

  2. It is things like this that make me regret having been a Toomey campaign worker.

    1. Damn, i felt shafted just for voting for him.
      My Condolences on wasting that part of your life

  3. At least with Casey we know what we’re going to get. Toomey tries to talk a good game to the low-information gun owners and then turns around and stabs us in the back.

    You could argue he’s even worse than Casey because the antis hold him up as an example of “See, even this Republican supports common sense legislation”. He needs to be primaried out.

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