You’d Think Illegal Mayors Would Have Taught Them Something

As soon as I saw the buzz that Bloomberg’s Everytown was partnering with the NBA, my first thought was, “Professional athletes: yet another class of people with much higher rates of criminality than concealed carry permit holders.” Well, before I could work out any numbers, Dave Hardy was there with the scoop: “350 NBA players who have been charged with criminal acts. A simple search turns out 28 players with gun charges.

Sounds like a great idea, guys. I was kind of missing the almost daily stories about mayors getting arrested, indicted, and then having them quite often be MAIG mayors. They took that fun away from us. Thanks for giving it back!

UPDATE: Oh yeah, this is going to be a riot.

Future Potential Illegal Mayor Arrested

Even the candidates for mayor who turned out to promote MAIG/Organizing for Action/Ceasefire PA events are being arrested this week.

Pittsburgh mayoral candidate A.J. Richardson, who participated in a MAIG press conference last week, was arrested this morning after he was found slumped over the wheel of his minivan that was stopped on a street with the engine still running. He was charged with driving under the influence.

Do we call this new class of criminal Bloomberg associates the Illegal Wannabe Mayors Against Guns?

The good news is that MAIG won’t hold any conviction against Richardson if he manages to win and wants to join Bloomberg’s network of sketchy mayors. I mean they promote Vaughn Spencer, mayor of Reading, PA, who was convicted of violently assaulting a police officer and caused him to suffer lifelong disabilities, so a DUI picked up during the campaign shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

Another Illegal Mayor Arrested

Wow, MAIG’s criminal scrubbers are fast this morning. Today’s attempt to erase criminal affiliation stems from this morning’s arrest of Spring Valley, NY Mayor Noramie Jasmin. She was picked up on bribery charges over a proposed real estate deal, and it is connected to a wider arrest net of several other politicians who were trying to illegally game the open NYC mayoral race.

A Violent Illegal Mayor Against Guns

It seems like there are many criminal members of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition who lobby Congress and the White House for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners as a supposed solution to crime in their cities.

A reader noticed the other day that a new mayor in Pennsylvania was recruited into the ranks, one with a history of violently assaulting women and police officers. In fact, local police have publicly opposed his involvement in public office because of his assault that left one officer with a permanent disability.

All of this information was available for Bloomberg’s MAIG recruiters to find well before they signed up Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer and touted his name & photo on their website, as evidenced by this article from the Reading Eagle in January of 2000.

At the time, Berks County District Attorney Mark C. Baldwin filed suit to have Spencer removed from a City Council appointment because the assault made him legally unfit to hold public office. Here’s the relevant part of the story about the multiple violent attacks for which Spencer was accused and convicted:

In April 1986, police said, Spencer went to a home in the 900 block of the North Ninth Street and punched and kicked Carol Ann Parker, breaking her shoulder. Then-Patrolman Charlie Kaucher responded, and Spencer punched him and threw him from a porch, police said.

In October 1987, Spencer pleaded guilty in county court to aggravated assault on Kaucher, a first-degree misdemeanor, and was sentenced to five years of probation.

Nine other charges were dismissed in exchange for the plea, records show.

Kaucher suffered head and other injuries and was left with permanent hearing loss.

I think it’s time for Bloomberg to start answering some questions about his priorities with this coalition of mayors – upwards of 30 of which have been under criminal investigation or convicted of various crimes – now that they have recruited a mayor with a violent criminal record, are they going to put politics before principle?

In recent months, MAIG scrubs any mayor arrested after they signed up for the coalition from their site, but this is a completely new case where the crimes were documented before Bloomberg promoted Spencer’s membership. More importantly, Reading, as a larger city in Pennsylvania, has been a source of political capital for Bloomberg’s coalition. Is he willing to kick out a mayor of a major Pennsylvania city for a history of assaulting police officers, or is the political connection too important for him to keep so that he overlooks the conviction?

In fact, given the rate at which mayors appear to commit crimes, it’s a reasonable question as to whether or not Bloomberg will take the ultimate stand against criminal behavior and actually mandate background checks on members before they sign up with MAIG. It would be an interesting challenge to see if Bloomberg would have the nerve to actually mandate that mayors must be legally eligible to own a firearm before they can join. His numbers would likely see a very sharp drop.

Another Illegal Mayor Against Gun Rights

It looks like a recent member of MAIG is under arrest for a wide variety of corruption and theft charges.

Prosecutors say [Myron] Rosner committed grand theft by using money from his campaign account for personal ads on the bus benches. Another charge involves allegedly free bus bench ads given to Rosner so the company would not lose the city account. Prosecutors say it was understood that Rosner would not repay the cost of those ads.

They say that other charges include bad campaign checks and other finance violations.

As the former mayor of North Miami Beach, MAIG proudly used him in their letters to Congress when lobbying for more restrictions on the law-abiding while he was setting up his re-election campaign to violate multiple laws.

Another Illegal Mayor?

It looks like there’s a potential opportunity to add to the list of criminal mayors in Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.

In a CBS 21 News exclusive into the Harrisburg financial crisis, CBS 21 News has learned that the United States Justice Department is conducting a wide-ranging criminal investigation into financial transactions during the administration of former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed.

Multiple sources have confirmed that a secret federal grand jury has convened in Williamsport to investigate Harrisburg’s financial mess, specifically financial transactions involving current and former city officials, including former Mayor Stephen Reed. …

Now, sources tell CBS 21 News the grand jury is looking at evidence concerning campaign contributions and if former Harrisburg officials personally profited from city business.

While Reed is not currently a member of MAIG, he was part of the organization before being ousted from office.

Another Illegal Mayor Supporting Mike Bloomberg

It’s not a criminal matter, but it’s still worth noting that Bethlehem, PA Mayor John Callahan illegally used money from his mayoral campaign coffers for his congressional campaign – to the tune of nearly $10,000.

He used money raised for his federal campaign to pay just half of the amount taken from his local campaign chest. Callahan settled with the FEC, paying back the rest of the money and an addition $1,200 fine.

Callahan is contemplating another run for Congress in 2012. Though he works against the rights of lawful gun owners, let’s hope he’ll learn to respect election laws next time around.

Another Illegal Mayor

Mayor Bloomberg’s coalition just keeps showing itself to be considerably less law abiding than your average concealed carry license holder. Now the Carbon County District Attorney is charging Mayor Richard Corkery, of Coaldale, of 28 counts of possession of child pornography:

Nesquehoning police began investigating Corkery in April and say they found several pornographic images of underage boys when they searched the mayor’s computer at WLSH-AM radio.

Ah, liking the little boys I see. And, of course, Bloomberg lists him as one of his own:
MAIG Mayors Against Illegal Guns Child Porn Criminals

When are we going to close this dangerous illegal mayor loophole? Shouldn’t Bloomberg be doing background checks on all his members? I think we need a law!

Another Illegal Mayor

This one is the Mayor of Monticello, NY, and the charge would seem to be tax fraud, trademark counterfeiting, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

More Illegal Mayors Going Down

NRA is targeting mayors in South Carolina too.  We’ve only touched on this, but NRA has engaged Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayors coalition in an attempt to get mayors to leave the coalition.   You can see their site here.   Since the campaign began not too long ago, 20 mayors have already left.

Go check out the site.  This is a project Bitter and I have lent some assistance to NRA on, sharing some of our research.  I think they got the idea for the Google map from us too :) It’s a great example of what can be accomplished when NRA and blogs work together, and we were happy to lend whatever information we could.

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