Another Illegal Mayor Against Gun Rights

It looks like a recent member of MAIG is under arrest for a wide variety of corruption and theft charges.

Prosecutors say [Myron] Rosner committed grand theft by using money from his campaign account for personal ads on the bus benches. Another charge involves allegedly free bus bench ads given to Rosner so the company would not lose the city account. Prosecutors say it was understood that Rosner would not repay the cost of those ads.

They say that other charges include bad campaign checks and other finance violations.

As the former mayor of North Miami Beach, MAIG proudly used him in their letters to Congress when lobbying for more restrictions on the law-abiding while he was setting up his re-election campaign to violate multiple laws.

8 thoughts on “Another Illegal Mayor Against Gun Rights”

  1. Did anyone screen-cap his picture on the MAIG member roster before they Memory Hole it?

    Just another instance of a well-known concept: If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention. It’s amazing their group still has any credibility in the public eye.

    Then again, given the intellectual fortitude and political awareness shown by the average “low-information” voter, maybe it’s not…. :(

    1. They already removed him because he wasn’t re-elected. However, these crimes were committed when he was a member. He is listed on the PDFs of the letters they sent at the time, that’s how I confirmed he was a member.

  2. Not that we shouldn’t use these incidents for our own propaganda purposes — we should. But just to keep our heads on straight, let’s not start to actually believe that corruption correlates with ideology. Political power and political ambition correlate with corruption, definitely, but ideology is usually just a tool for seeking those.

  3. Does anyone have a good resource for finding out if someone is (or was in the past) a MAIG member?

    I’m trying to determine if Charles D. Moreau of Central Falls, RI, is or was a MAIG member. I say “was” because he resigned his position as mayor yesterday, and it appears he’s going to plead out on a federal indictment. If he was a member, he’s already been scrubbed from the website…

    1. There’s no record of him that I could find. I searched the last name and city, along with the group name. That should hit any current listings, plus any on old advertisements and letters. I’m not surprised if he wasn’t because I don’t think MAIG has spent much money pushing for Rhode Island mayors.

      1. Thanks for checking, Bitter. I’d searched as well and didn’t come up with anything, but I thought maybe I wasn’t doing it right, or was looking in the wrong places.

  4. Have we reached the point yet where membership in MAIG is de facto justification for a detailed corruption probe ?

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