Another Illegal Mayor Arrested

Wow, MAIG’s criminal scrubbers are fast this morning. Today’s attempt to erase criminal affiliation stems from this morning’s arrest of Spring Valley, NY Mayor Noramie Jasmin. She was picked up on bribery charges over a proposed real estate deal, and it is connected to a wider arrest net of several other politicians who were trying to illegally game the open NYC mayoral race.

12 thoughts on “Another Illegal Mayor Arrested”

        1. Thank you! Though, they are also catching on to that since I used those PDFs against them in proving they were signing a dead man’s name to letters for nearly 2 years. Now they only post them in HTML format where they can easily erase members.

            1. Most of the letters & ads are posted in the story I did on the dead mayor. I’m working on something else at the moment, but if you use the search function on the blog, you should be able to find it easily.

  1. All those places that the illegal mayors come from let dead people vote. I don’t know why they can’t sign letters as well.

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