Another Illegal Mayor?

It looks like there’s a potential opportunity to add to the list of criminal mayors in Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.

In a CBS 21 News exclusive into the Harrisburg financial crisis, CBS 21 News has learned that the United States Justice Department is conducting a wide-ranging criminal investigation into financial transactions during the administration of former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed.

Multiple sources have confirmed that a secret federal grand jury has convened in Williamsport to investigate Harrisburg’s financial mess, specifically financial transactions involving current and former city officials, including former Mayor Stephen Reed. …

Now, sources tell CBS 21 News the grand jury is looking at evidence concerning campaign contributions and if former Harrisburg officials personally profited from city business.

While Reed is not currently a member of MAIG, he was part of the organization before being ousted from office.

6 thoughts on “Another Illegal Mayor?”

  1. Any idea how much campaign cash or other benefits Bloomberg funnels to his army of mini-mayors via his MAIG hobby?

  2. They need to start running photos of Bloomy with all of the illegal mayors. It would make a great tv commercial

  3. It only makes sense to investigate corruption where ever you suspect it.

    I didn’t see anythng there about bloomberg or guns.

    If we all this much free time, why don’t we all write our congress men/women?

    1. You apparently haven’t been paying attention to the fact that a significant number of mayors who joined Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition have a habit of engaging in criminal activity. Some go for gun crime, some opt for corruption, and I believe that at least one went away for child pornography. It’s relevant to the fact that the group is working to restrict our gun rights while they sit back and commit crimes.

      1. I don’t want to give the impression that I support Bloomberg, but statements like that require specifics and documentation.

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