More Illegal Mayors Going Down

NRA is targeting mayors in South Carolina too.  We’ve only touched on this, but NRA has engaged Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayors coalition in an attempt to get mayors to leave the coalition.   You can see their site here.   Since the campaign began not too long ago, 20 mayors have already left.

Go check out the site.  This is a project Bitter and I have lent some assistance to NRA on, sharing some of our research.  I think they got the idea for the Google map from us too :) It’s a great example of what can be accomplished when NRA and blogs work together, and we were happy to lend whatever information we could.

3 thoughts on “More Illegal Mayors Going Down”

  1. I’m really horrible at writing, but I’m interested in sending something to each of the mayors in my state that are members of MAIG. I think there are 6 or 7 mayors here in CT. Can someone maybe provide a bullet list of reasons I could expand on in a letter to them?

  2. Now that I’m listening to last night’s Cam & Company, I see that they also put up a poll about whether people know about the status of their mayor.

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