Another Illegal Mayor

Mayor Bloomberg’s coalition just keeps showing itself to be considerably less law abiding than your average concealed carry license holder. Now the Carbon County District Attorney is charging Mayor Richard Corkery, of Coaldale, of 28 counts of possession of child pornography:

Nesquehoning police began investigating Corkery in April and say they found several pornographic images of underage boys when they searched the mayor’s computer at WLSH-AM radio.

Ah, liking the little boys I see. And, of course, Bloomberg lists him as one of his own:
MAIG Mayors Against Illegal Guns Child Porn Criminals

When are we going to close this dangerous illegal mayor loophole? Shouldn’t Bloomberg be doing background checks on all his members? I think we need a law!

8 thoughts on “Another Illegal Mayor”

  1. Time to start doing background checks. I bet if the FBI investigated mayors there would be a lot less of this kind of thing.

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