Levi Strauss Being Anti-Gun is Nothing New

I haven’t worn Levi’s jeans since I was in my 20s, when I found out they donated to anti-gun causes. They were on NRA’s “blacklist” of anti-gun companies back in the day. When I do wear jeans, I wear Lee. But mostly I wear “Work Khakis” by Carthartt. They hold up pretty well even for doing real work, and they are more comfortable in the summer than jeans. The cell phone pocket is nice too.

So I can’t unfortunately announce I’ll never buy another Levi’s product again, because they are anti-gun bozos. Been riding that train for a while now.

3 thoughts on “Levi Strauss Being Anti-Gun is Nothing New”

  1. I must have bought some somewhat recently, since the pair or two I have still fit despite age and gravity. But I just don’t buy jeans any more, so, I can’t boycott someplace I don’t buy from.

  2. I have also been boycotting Levi Strauss for decades. With the increasing leftist tilt of corporate culture though it is very hard to buy anything. This will offend the libertarians here but we need government action to protect civil rights. If we can desegregate lunch counters we ought to be able to protect an enumerated right.

  3. Same as the above- I’ve been boycotting Levi’s for awhile.

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