Small of Back Carry

Brillianter takes issue with a method of carry we’ve probably all tried at some point or another, namely small of the back carry.  I carried this way for several months when I first got my license, because it seemed like a reasonable place to conceal.

Strong side carry seemed too bulgy and when you first start to carry, you think everyone can notice that.  Truth is, bulges along your side are normal these days with all the crap people carry around with them.  Bulges along your back are not.

Now I carry a Glock 19 at 4:00 strong side, in a Kydex in-waistband holster.  If I can’t wear an outer-shirt, 2:00 works with a shirt pulled over, even though it’s not as comfortable.  The Kel-Tec P3AT I carry in a pocket holster either in the strong side front pocket, or in my inside coat pocket, which makes for a nice cross draw.

4 thoughts on “Small of Back Carry”

  1. I see lots of cop shows (real and fictional) where LEOs carry handcuffs over the spine. Can’t remember where I read that was a really bad idea (most likely a Mas Ayoob article).

  2. Carrying that way is a good way to risk serious injury. The article briefly mentions it, but doesn’t explain exactly how risky it is. I’ve heard of people breaking their backs using that method. If you fall directly on the piece, it can focus all of the energy of the fall straight into your spine, with predictably bad results. It simply isn’t worth it.

  3. I’ve never carried a gun back there, but I have carried a double spare mag holder back there for my XD compact in .45 acp. Damned uncomfortable.

    After shooting an IPSC intro class, I saw just how cumbersome this arrangement was, and will be moving them to my support side from now on.

    I keep my Springfield XD in a Comp-Tac IWB, works beautifully. I wear a dark t-shirt and then a unbuttoned loose collared short-sleeve shirt over that just in case the gun “prints” (the second layer obscures it very well). Plus I’m on the edge of being of a tubby short guy anyway, so nobody notices a few more inches to my waistline.

    If Campus carry passes in Tx, I’ll be using a “Smart Carry” holster (the denim jockstrap thingy) during working hours.

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