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      1. I assume that is Paul Allen also from MS. I also assume that he and Gates have armed security. I know Bloomberg does.

  1. Great poster, but the website referenced, voteno1639.org, does not appear to exist yet. I hope it is coming soon.

  2. I thought this got pulled from the ballot when the petition was ruled invalid. What happened?

  3. I hope you’re all paying attention to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings right now. He is ABSOLUTELY driving Dianne Feinstein insane by saying through direct implications that “Assault Weapons” are protected under the Common Use Citation of the Heller and McDonald Decisions.

    Feinstein is literally trying to say that “common use” can’t be defined by ownership.

    1. Agreed. The exchange was great. His argument was solid. She was looking for the “feels”.

      1. I know. She tried to get that “Weapons of War” bullshit into her arguments. We will have a (somewhat) 5-4 “Pro-2nd Amendment” SCOTUS, but one of the 4 Liberal Judges needs to croak. We need a 6-3 Court because John Roberts can’t be trusted. All the more need for the GOP to hold the Senate.

        Kavanaugh correctly stated to that pig, that 10’s of millions of so called “Assault Weapons” (which Kavanaugh implied is just what it is; a partissn political term) are both owned and USED for lawful purposes overwhelmingly more so than in crimes. Also, I’ve had it with those Parkland Kids and Parents (Fred Guttenberg needs to pound salt) in particular, whom are behaving like Partisan Vocalists for the Democrats.

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