Comp-Tac Kydex Reinforced Belt

I was in the market for a new belt, so I got myself a Kydex Reinforcd Countour Belt.  First impressions are that it’s a very sturdy belt, that provides a lot of support for the gun.  I’m using it with my Infidel holster, with the 1.5″ belt clip mounting option.  There is one problem with this option.

The belt is pretty thick, so the Infidel clip has a hard time getting a good hold on the belt.  There’s not quite enough space for the belt to come up all the way against the top of the clip.  I almost spilled the gun out of it earlier tonight, because it managed to work its way almost off the belt.  Needless to say, me getting up, and the gun staying on the chair, would be a minor problem in public.

I diagnosed that the clip could probably stand to have a bit more room up where the clip fastens on to the holster, so I added a washer between the holster and clip.  This seems to have mitigated the problem.  Comp-Tac might want to consider adding a spacer option to their product for people with thicker belts.  Especially since their own belt seems to be thick enough to create this problem with the Infidel belt clip option.

Overall, Comp-Tac makes an excellent holster product, and I’ve always been pleased with the speed at which they get their products to their customers.  The Smarties they ship with their products are a nice touch too.  I’m very hard on holsters, and have broken a few of the Pro-Undercovers in my time, but so far the Infidel is a solid product.

UPDATE: It just occured to me what was really exacerbating this problem.  I carry a 4:00, and wear LL Bean jeans.  LL Bean puts their leather patch right at 4:00, which increases the thickness of the jeans greatly.  Presumably removing the patch would also work, but I will still stand by my request for a spacer option to deal with the problem of thicker belts/clothing.

2 thoughts on “Comp-Tac Kydex Reinforced Belt”

  1. Back when I had/carried a Glock 23 – before seeing the light, maturing and taking on the more refined and gentlemanly Colt 1991A1 (heh!! that’ll start a comment war) – I had a couple of Comp Tac Shirt Tuckers. It was a great holster, and did all it claimed (and I wanted it to do) though I was pretty hard and broke both. The kydex just didn’t have the flexibility of leather – and both times they snapped as I was sitting down in the car. I haven’t had that problem with my 1991 and Milt Sparks Versa Max.

  2. Moved from Glock 23 to Springfield XD compact in .45 acp, recently picking up a CTAC holster to use with the XD…Love it. In belts I use the standard Galco gun belts. No worries so far, my CTAC plays nice with the Galco belt, and my XD stays out of sight.

    I have a 1911A (Rock Island Armory GI model) and a pretty decent paddle holster for it, but why would I want to drop from 10 rounds (XD) to 7 (the 1911)?

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