This Should Prove the Issue Has Nothing to do With Crime and Public Safety

Bloomberg has a hit piece on the CMP, because they spread the love of shooting, to kids, and sell “hand-me-down military weapons.”

The next big payday will come later this year when CMP starts selling thousands of M1911s, the U.S. military’s sidearm of choice for more than 70 years.

What do you want the government to do with them? Sell them to tin pot dictators? Melt them down and make flowers? This is a win-win for the government and shooting community to sell them to shooters. The hoops that must be jumped through to get one, along with the pricing, have me reluctant to get one myself.

Also note, the CMP has never sold anything that isn’t in .30 or .22LR. Handguns are a new thing, and they are selling them as an FFL rather than under their congressional charter. But these are “military weapons” that meaningless trope trotted out by people who haven’t got a clue.

At a time when Americans are sharply divided over the place of firearms in society, the U.S. government has, in effect, subsidized the metamorphosis of CMP into a deep-pocketed, nationwide evangelist for youth gun culture.

You know, you might need those kids to fight a war for you someday, and wouldn’t it be a good idea if we had some kids that, I don’t know, knew their way around a gun and could maybe hit something they aim at? I don’t have an issue with the military selling surplus to civilian shooters. They ought to subsidize marksmanship. They depend on it. If we end up in a shooting war, everyone will depend on it. They say that’s obsolete. Says who? Who decided that?

These people are not interested in public safety. They are interested in frustrating and then ending the shooting sports and shooting culture. That’s the goal. You’d have to be blind not to see it.

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  1. Bloomberg thinks that every place should have the marksmanship standards of the NYPD

    1. The NYPD did a study of their shooting incidents a few years back. Working from memory here but it found that nobody of the rank of lieutenant or above had ever used a firearm in an incident. So they can be safely disarmed. The general findings illustrated the suck. They did have a 100% hit ratio on dogs.

      1. they hired RAND to do it, I’ve seen bits of it. It was fascinating.

    1. You’re a child until 26, according to PPACA… (Yes, I know that’s a little unfair. But only a little)

  2. I was really thinking about getting one of those 1911s. I even had started some of the hoops such as having to get a new copy of my birth certificate and renewing my ASRPA membership. However before the CMP clarified it seemed as though they wanted a physical copy of the FFL. A lot of dealers won’t do that. That was the hard part. They have since clarified that you can fax it. Everything else to me is relatively easy albiet takes some time. Back in February I got a new Colt Series 70 so I would have something new I could shoot. Before that I actually did not own anything in .45acp. Then went and bought nearly 4000 rounds of .45acp. I was kind of still planning to get one of those CMP 1911s but when I saw how pricey they were for what you were getting I backed off. I might still do it; next year or 2020 as they will be doing this every year for I believe around a decade.Give them a couple years to refine how they go about this. Right now I’m just going to observe the madness.

    The mailers had to be postmarked on or after September 4th. I expect they have already got there 7,000. And I also suspect some liberal moron went for one soley so they can destroy it.

    1. It’s being done by lottery once the number of applications exceeds 8000. They’re expecting between 80,000 and 100,000 applications. It is not “first come, first served” this time due to the demand.

      You might also want to send the application in. Reading of the terms for the 1911s indicates this will be the only time the CMP will be accepting applications once the allotment order is decided. Future allotments will be processed in the order assigned on October 5 and won’t change in the future. Which tells me any future applications go to the bottom of the list.

      Given there are around 100,000 1911s, it might be a good idea to get in now and ensure you have a chance. You can always refuse to take delivery and let the gun go to the next person on the list.

  3. I have a FFL03 and the hoops they want ME to jump through and the price they want is just not worth the trouble. I even joined the Garand Collectors Association ($25) since I own one and they are CMP approved on the off chance I might try to get one, until I saw the requirements.
    CMP can keep ’em.

    1. Agreed. They can keep their silly rules for selling the 1911’s with the 1911’s themselves.

  4. Call me the odd man out. I’ve been waiting for this for months. To get a piece of history I’ll jump through the hoops and take my chances.

    As to selling military weapons to the public, Bloomberg better start calling out the US Army and Sig Sauer. The M17 pistols that just dropped are military firearms. Especially the 5000 run Commemorative M17s. Those are actual milspec right down to the box. Only delta is they bear special Sig 0001 through 5000 serial numbers. Otherwise as issued to the US Army diverted from US Army production and bear US Army identification numbers.

    You can buy the civie M17 P320 variant (marked “M17 320” on the slide) but otherwise the same as the issue M17. Or you can buy a Commemorative and have the real thing as well as a collectible.

    So what’s the difference between the CMP surplusing M1911s when M9s and now M17s are available for private purchase? Nothing as far as I can see.

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