Levi Strauss Being Anti-Gun is Nothing New

Big news that hit yesterday is that Levi Strauss CEO doesn’t want firearms in their stores. I’ve gotten to the point, after Shannon Watts’ various shakedowns, I couldn’t care less what they say: if they don’t post against it doesn’t mean anything. But Levi Strauss has a history, and it’s a big reason I don’t buy their products, and haven’t for a number of years. I planned today to outline this in detail, but I noticed that Miguel beat me to it, so I don’t have to! That’s good. I’m working against two deadlines until Monday.

I buy my jeans from L.L. Bean. I love their flannel lined Double-L jeans for the winter. L.L. Bean’s owners are libertarians, so there isn’t an issue there. They are also located in Maine, and wouldn’t you rather help the economy of a state that told Bloomberg to go eff himself this past election, rather than help the economy of San Francisco?

10 thoughts on “Levi Strauss Being Anti-Gun is Nothing New”

  1. I second LL Bean’s lined pants – jeans, cargo or work pants. They all hold up reasonably well in actual outdoor labor. Also try their lined shirts. I do a lot of outside work (lots of tree cutting and in the recent past even raising hogs and other livestock) and really like their stuff. LL Bean seems like one of the few companies whose clothing has not been totally destroyed by their hipster clientele. But they are spendy.

    1. @Miguel: Your web server is saying it’s out of memory. Just an FYI in case you see this before finding out another way.

  2. I stopped buying Levis years ago – when they pulled their support from the Boy Scouts for not allowing gay Scoutmasters.

  3. I have one pair of jeans I got At walmart.
    But I have 6 pairs of khakis, all from LL Bean. Plus shoes, boots, socks, sweaters and jackets.

    Love LLBean

  4. Even if they did post a “no guns” sign on the front door, I think it’s safe to ignore it anyway. My understanding is that they can only ask you to leave if they discover that you are carrying, and that as long as you comply after being asked to leave you can’t be charged with anything. amirite?

    1. Be careful! That’s a matter of state law, so one blanket statement is not going to apply everywhere.

  5. I have yet to wear a pair of Levi’s that actually fit. Tag may have the right numbers, but crotch and ass disagree.

    Almost makes me think this decision of theirs was made by the hippy-dippy type that does wear these excuses for pants.

  6. Still working on losing more weight. My goal: to be able to wear skinny jeans again. Unfortunately, by the time I achieve it I’m afraid they will be woefully out of fashion.

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