Unintended (Or Perhaps Intended) Consequences of Terror Watch List

I wanted to elevate this comment from Divemedic the other day to a full blown post, so folks could understand how this could end up playing out if the Dems, Toomey and Bloomberg get their way:

My son is on [the Terror Watch] list. He is listed as a suspected terrorist. He was even visited by DHS agents, and his passport was revoked.

Now, I raised my son better than that, and he is most certainly not a terrorist, so how did he wind up on that list?

My son is a travelling nurse. He flies all over the world, treating and transporting patients from one place to another. It pays very well. He recently got paid for a 4 day trip, escorting a patient to Australia, and was paid $4000 for 4 days’ work. This week, he is in Milwaukee, and is being paid $12,000 for ten days’ work. In between trips, he works at the local trauma centers, and was one of the nurses on duty this past weekend in the Orlando area.

Now that you have the background, here is how he wound up on the terror watch list:

A known terrorist was arrested, trying to enter the country with my son’s passport. Well, not his actual passport, but a forgery with all of his information on it.

In all of his travels, he once had to go to the Dominican Republic to bring a patient home. While he was there, a government official photocopied the passports of the entire crew: 3 members of the flight crew, a respiratory therapist, and my son. Those photocopies were sold to people who make forged identity papers, and that information was used to create fake papers.

My son received a visit from DHS, they revoked his passport, and he had to apply for a new one. His name, birth date, and other information is now on the suspected terrorism watch list, because that information is now known to be used by terrorists.

This proposed law would prevent my son from buying a firearm, even though he has not broken a single law, nor is he likely to.

And remember, the Dems don’t want there to be any way for you to get off the list. They rejected the Coburn/NRA bill because it would provide for that. That’s because the goal is not to protect us from terrorists. The goal is to make as many people prohibited as possible so gun ownership becomes more burdensome and legally risky than it already is.

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  1. Its not a bug, its a feature.

    The reason Dems are so hot to get the Terrorist Watch List tied to NICS is precisely so they can put Second Amendment advocates on the list and eliminate their rights as a means of shutting the rest of us up.

    There are already Democrat politicians that have suggested putting the roster of the NRA on the Terrorist Watch List.

  2. Buy muzzleloaders, cap and ball revolvers, no paper trail and black powder can be made at home, as can cast round balls, even percussion caps can be made at home. And of course flintlocks don’t even need caps.
    And don’t underestimate the power of a muzzleloader either, a 50 cal lead ball on top of 85gr of 3f powder will go thru a steel gate post, clean as if it had been drilled.
    Don’t ask how I know this :-)

  3. That the Senate Democrats are actually filibustering to destroy Due Process is such an outrage that its beyond my words to express.

  4. I never knew a thing about that G4S outfit that Mateen worked for, but it turns out its a British “security” (mercenary) outfit that has been in the sights of human rights organizations for quite awhile for its alleged violations. It contracts with both the British and U.S. government, and recently divested itself of its Israeli division, while denying that international divestment campaigns had forced them to do that.

    Anyway, how’s this for a theory: Mateen got on the Terrorist Watch List, but got off it when someone took the FBI aside and told them to lay off a G4S employee. I’m betting he wasn’t the only psychotic scumbag on their payroll.

    1. G4S used to be called Wackenhut Security, before they began working for the spooks.

      1. I thought that G4S bought out/merged with Wackenhut. Aren’t there other components of G4S?

        1. The Wackenhut Corporation was a Florida company that changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. on 5/3/2010.


          G4S Secure Solutions (USA) then merged with G4S Regulated Security Solutions out of Delaware on 12/27/2010. THAT company then merged with a Georgia company called G4S Cares and Justice Services three days later.

  5. Obama isn’t putting the blame for Orlando on Islam, the Koran, or jihad. He’s putting it on the US Bill of Rights.
    In his mind, the Orlando massacre occurred, not because of a murderous religion that functions as a homicide/suicide cult to advance its political goals, but because Americans have too much freedom.
    President “Blame Only America” Obama always thinks that only America is to blame, and that Islam with its killer Koran never is.
    We need a new president, because the current one is not acceptable. He functions, too often, as a jihadi.

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