Color Me Shocked: Shooter Not On Terror Watch List

The Hill is reporting the Orlando mass murderer wasn’t on the FBI’s terror watch list, so this is yet another example of people immediately proposing solutions that wouldn’t have solved the problem:

“He was watch-listed with the opening of the preliminary investigation and he was taken off the watch list when the investigation was closed,” Comey told reporters.

The shooter cleared multiple and thorough background checks because of his role as a security guard, and even if the Dems got their way and had passed “terror watch list” legislation, this guy still would have been cleared by the system. As Glenn Reynolds noted, “It’s almost like the people proposing these things are more interested in disarming ordinary Americans.

I’ll be honest, given past guidelines from DHS on domestic terrorists, I just don’t trust the federal government with this kind of power. Sure, I’m concerned about the due process element too, but why should I trust them when that’s their guidelines?

5 thoughts on “Color Me Shocked: Shooter Not On Terror Watch List”

  1. I heard on the radio that fiendstein is addressing this fact by proposing a “double secret terrorist probation list” where the government can deny gun rights to people even when they are not on the list, but they have a feeling they should be on the list. I shit you not.

  2. If you have enough evidence that someone shouldn’t be armed, then you damn well have enough evidence to lock ’em up and indict ’em. Jihad Joes inhabiting jail cells don’t massacre people for sure…

  3. Realistically, with his background and resume, he is exactly the kind of guy that the Dems would send to your door if they ever got a confiscation bill passed.

  4. Bad guys, easy weapons, many soft targets, this is our problem
    Remove the weapons & we’re left with bad guys with bad intent
    Allow individual defense options & the targets become hardened
    Identify & Remove the bad guys and that threat is neutralized
    Then, we’ve a managed problem from that set of radical threat
    While our Constitution does not guarantee right to bear arms
    Global conditions affecting our Domestic tranquility does.

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