Schumer Demands More Gun Regulations

He’s currently calling for less than outright denial, but he’s still calling on using the terrorist watch list, which is secret, and which is only a database of names, to keep tabs on guns people buy. Actually, the interesting part of this is that apparently the FBI is already keeping track of gun purchases by suspected terrorists:

It is my understanding that when an individual is buying a handgun, National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) staff checks with the Terrorist Screening Center for hits in the Terrorist Screening Database.  In the case of valid hits – where the purchaser in question is the subject of a preliminary or full terrorism investigation – NICS staff can delay the gun transaction for up to three business days and contact the FBI Counterterrorism Division to determine whether those agents have prohibiting information about the individual that is not yet contained in the automated databases.

That’s interesting. I wonder how many people are sent into manual review because their name happens to be identical to someone on the terror watch list. And certainly the FBI is destroying those records if they end up clearing the transaction right, as is required by the Brady Act? Of course they are. They’ve always been so scrupulous about that, you know.

One thought on “Schumer Demands More Gun Regulations”

  1. Would not people with Concealed Carry Permits that waive the NICS call totally circumvent the ability of the FBI to track them?

    I haven’t have a NICS call done for me in 8 years or so. For all i know I could be on the watch list, and the fibbies wouldn’t know a thing, other than that I have a permit to carry.

    Unless they are now denying based on being on a watch list, and even then it would only matter upon renewal.

    I suppose they could revoke the permits of those on the list, but i think we would have heard about that by now.

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