Weekly Gun News – Edition 40


I know we had a round-up earlier in the week, but gun news is a flowing, as you might expect. Given the huge surge in traffic (though not quite so huge as post Sandy Hook), I feel like I should welcome back readers who may have been on hiatus for a bit. We’ll do our best to keep up with the happenings.

For all the crap federally licensed dealers get from gun control folks, they are our first line of defense, and unlike the FBI, they care a lot more about not selling guns to nut jobs than they care about political correctness. This shop deserves kudos for calling it right.

Roberta X: “More Guns Won’t Stop This –A Rant

Speaking of whack jobs, that shooter was quite a piece of work. I seems everyone had concerns about him. Well, everyone except the FBI. I get there needs to be a crime, but threatening people is a crime. Jim Geraghty notes, “And government officials wonder why people think they should to own a gun to protect themselves!”

Guards at nuclear plants just got the OK to use “assault rifles.” That’s odd, I thought the feds had rules for that which overrode state law.

The current terror watch list before Congress wouldn’t have stopped this mass shooter because he was taken off of it in 2014. Funny how it always work out that way.

Joe Huffman: “A question about NEED” Some good tips for talking to people about the topic. Ultimately, we don’t win this issue in Congress. We win it through millions of conversations like this.

We need to hope they deny cert in this. A 4-4 ruling upholds the lower court, though I don’t believe it’s president setting.

Larry Correia: Ask Kuntzman. Funniest thing I’ve read all week.

West Hollywood inundated with pro-gun signs. Whoever did this is brilliant.

ThinkProgress: “The Problem With Banning Guns From People On The Terrorist Watch List” Yes, really, ThinkProgress. The GOP has no excuse for caving on this. None. The more principled lefties still hate watch lists.

Gun Control defeated in the House.

The Billionaires Who Back Gun Control. They are the only reason this issue is back from the dead, and all that’s keeping it alive.

Charles C.W. Cooke: “Slate Goes All In On Second Amendment Trutherism


7 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 40”

  1. Guards at nuclear plants just got the OK to use “assault rifles.” That’s odd, I thought the feds had rules for that which overrode state law.

    Well, hopefully they won’t use standard 10mm armor piercing caseless ammunition near the primary heat exchangers.

  2. To answer the question of “need”, I usually ask why the government *needs* to throw people in jail over the shape of a friggin rifle grip.

  3. When I saw the posters from west Hollywierd it brought a smile to my face. Then I wondered if it was some group on the right that made them up. Needless to say, I do agree with them.

  4. I guess I have a rare point of agreement with Cali’s AG — I don’t understand why staffers at nuke plants need assault rifles either.

    After all, Cali has banned assault rifles. They’ve also banned standard capacity magazines. They’ve implemented universal background checks.

    If all that stuff actually works, then the most that nuke plant guards have to fear in Cali is strong language. Ruger Security Sixes and pump shotguns should be more than enough to handle any foreseeable threat in the peaceful People’s Republic.

    Goose, gander, and all that.

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