Chris Murphy Filibustering for Gun Control

US Capitol w/ Flag

So says Roll Call. He started at 11:21. In this case he’s not filibustering to prevent a bill, but continuing to hold the floor in order to hold up the Senate’s business until it agrees to do some gun control, namely “Terror Watch List.” Personally, I think Senator Murphy can keep bloviating until he’s blue in the face. Holding up the Senate’s business? As far as I’m concerned, the less those people do the better off we all are. Senators, I say let him have his say, go out to Bullfeathers for a beer, and wait for him to finish his grandstanding.

4 thoughts on “Chris Murphy Filibustering for Gun Control”

  1. The media will portray him as a hero, despite the fact they portrayed Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as obstructionist villains.

  2. Sounds like the GOP leadership gave in. There will be votes on banning people from buying guns on terrorist watch list (that terrorist wasn’t on) and expanding background checks on Internet and gun sales (that terrorist didn’t use and he passed checks anyway).

    Totally makes sense

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