Inquirer Reporter Commits Federal Felony

Go To JailReporter Helen Ubinas set out to show the world how easy it was to buy an AR-15, but then committed a federal felony, and violated a number of state laws. You see, Ms. Ubinas paid for the AR-15 with her company card, while answering “Yes” that she was the true buyer of the firearm. You see, if the company is buying it, then it’s a purchase by that corporation, and that corporation is what needs to go on the paperwork. If you put yourself up as the person buying, and the money is being fronted by your corporation, then that is a straw purchase.

After that she says “No need for a concealed carry permit.” Actually, transporting firearms in Philadelphia is illegal except under exceptions. One of those is having a License to Carry Firearms. Another is going directly from the place of purchase to your home. My Jersey readers are quite familiar with this type of transportation regime. It’s the same in Pennsylvania for handguns outside Philadelphia, but applies to all firearms in the City of Philadelphia. The only difference between New Jersey laws and Pennsylvania laws, is that licenses to carry are not difficult to get here, and they exempt you from all these transportation laws. But Ms. Ubinas admittedly drive around the city for a bit (not excepted, and thus illegal) and then drove to the police station (also not excepted, unless you’re under an order to).

I mean, I get that whipping out the company AMEX is an innocent mistake, but there’s no innocent mistake exception to what you put on a 4473. I’m actually surprised the dealer would run a corporate card through the machine without noticing. I hold out the possibility that this is all wistful fiction, and the reporter in question is a liar rather than a felon. But none of this stuff is as unregulated as the reporter leads us to believe. When dealing with guns, it’s very easy for uninitiated people to commit serious crimes without realizing it. Maybe Ms. Ubinas can have some sympathy when we argue that each new regulation, while seemingly well-intended, can often put well-meaning people in prison for understandable mistakes. If you’re going to be a serious gun owner and stay out of trouble, you have to know your law.

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  1. Where do you see that she used a corporate card? Not that it’s really relevant. Chances are the corp card is issued -in her name- and for her discretionary use, with reimbursement for approved expenses, and she pays for non-reimbursed expenses. That doesn’t constitute or contribute to being a straw purchase.

    So, if she is transporting an unloaded firearm in a trunk etc. is she NOT covered by FOPA ? Even DC acknowledges FOPA if you are transporting unloaded firearms and yes even ammunition through the city; there is a stretch of both US 50 and I295 which goes through the city.

    1. Except that if they pull you over in DC, they will charge you with possession of unregistered guns and “high capacity” magazines if they feel like it, FOPA notwithstanding.

      I wouldn’t chance it. I go around DC when moving firearms interstate. I’d sooner sit in traffic in MD and VA than risk being pulled over or being hit by someone else and have my car searched in DC. Too big a risk to take. I consider DC in the same category as New York when it comes to FOPA: Avoid at all costs.

        1. That’s new and a 180 degree policy change. OTOH, Lanier has gotten off-message a time or two recently, including advising DC residents to defend themselves.

    2. FOPA only covers interstate transport. Even if you accept the reading that it covers start and end states in an interstate trip, she didn’t go interstate.

      (The question of whether FOPA covers start and end points is an interesting one. I doubt it’s ever been tested)

  2. In the Washington, DC version of Monopoly, the Jail card can be countered with the David Gregory card. Urbinas probably has one of those stashed somewhere.

  3. Those are for beating gun nuts, conservatives, minorities, and other undesirables over the head with. They were never meant to be used against leftists.

  4. Maybe Ms. Ubinas can have some sympathy when we argue that each new regulation, while seemingly well-intended, can often put well-meaning people in prison for understandable mistakes.


    Since she, as a member of the media, will get the “David Gregory” treatment and face zero consequences for her “innocent mistake”, it’s unlikely she’ll have any sympathy whatsoever for anyone jailed for identical actions.

    From her point of view, they obviously did something wrong if they’re going to jail, and she obviously didn’t if she’s not.

  5. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. Elites like in the media are completely immune from any and all laws. They can cheat, steal, rape, murder, and NOTHING happens.

    This is an unstable condition, and cannot last long. It will turn over either to full tyranny, or REVOLUTION, before long.

  6. Company CCs are in the persons name and the individual is solely responsible for all purchases and all payments. The raised letters of Name are hers no doubt. The card is hers as is payment responsibility. Nobody is liable for use of this card, neither is it’s use for any purchase a crime. It is only a crime after the company pays her expenses for that one charge, of course, after submission of her expense reports. If the company pays the bill they could be in doo doo as well I would think.

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