Hope is Not Lost

I’m surprised by how many people think a sellout by Chris Christie is preordained. Remember that he vetoed the worst of the post-Newtown package, including the 50 caliber ban. He did sign a bill regarding the terrorist watch list that turns out can’t be implemented, however. While I don’t exactly trust Christie on the gun issue, it does seem to me that there’s at least reasonable hope that with sufficient pressure from the gun community, you might be able to muster another veto out of him. If Jerry Brown can veto a few gun control bills, so can Chris Christie.

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  1. I’m hoping for your sake that all of you in PA are paying attention to the state of politics in your State. It seems as though, based on the most recent polls, that Corbett is about to be kicked from office. Tom Wolf seems to be the Dem frontrunner and from what I have manged to research on him, he is a mix of John Hickenlooper and Andrew Cuomo; A Michael Bloomberg lackey!! I would urge everyone who cares about their second amendment rights to keep the Democrat nominee from getting any coattails in either chamber of the state legislature. If they seize both chambers of the PA legislature, the state will be lost forever like NJSSR and New Yewawk SSR. Drivers licenses and free instate tuition for illegals will be implemented to offset gun owners’ votes, and gun control like the SAFE act and then some will be violently imposed on all of you. The police will follow their orders like goose steppers in Soviet Red Square. Take a look at what is going on in CT! Registration applications that were allowed during the “extension” were ironically rejected by the police, and gun owners are being told “turn in your firearms, or else”!

      1. What is most frightening is the free goodies for illegals. go to Allentown, and you’ll see Mexican (get over it, they’re 90% of the illegals) couples with 4 kids each and another, each, on the way. Each one of them is welfare check, and everyone I see is all tricked out with Obama/ democrat propaganda clothing. Them getting the freebies is the worst thing for gun owners. Take a look at what they have done to Colorado. how do you think the anti-gunners won?!

        1. Hispanics vote for Dems over Repubs about 2/3.

          Women favor Dems by almost ten points, and it is more extreme among younger women.

          Boomers and the very young favor Dems over Repubs too.

          Only 6% of PA identifies as hispanic or Latino. That means under a million total residents, which means at most a quarter of a million votes are up for grabs there.

          51.2% of PA is female. That means 6 million voters; that means over a half million votes up there.

          The core constituency of Gun Control is white female baby boomers, and white female 20-somethings. There are others but those are the constituencies which are most entrenched, but also most influential. Anecdotally I’ve seen that if you get mom onboard — regardless of her ethnicity — she brings the whole family.

          If PA is not focusing on getting young women and moms out shooting then PA will have big problems in a few years. I see a lot of Gun Culture 1.0 fudds that are frankly “good ol boy” misogynists wreaking a tremendous amount of damage on this front sometimes.

          1. I currently reside in New Mexico (just moved here 2 months ago). A lot of the young ladies my age, (being early 20’s and in college)down here favor gun rights more than gun control, but keep voting Dem. A decent portion of NM dems (maybe a bit over 40%) in the state legislature are very pro-gun including our pro gun Dem AG, Gary King. Once NM Dems get to Washington, however, they turn 180 degrees. Take a look at Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall. Voters are ignorant and apathetic, especially youngsters.

          2. Fudds can really be our own worst enemy sometimes, and I think this is particularly true in rural PA. My father-in-law and his buddies are all retired teachers who hunt and have LTCFs (they call them “gun permits” for some reason), but generally vote Dem for the union factor. Although some admit to voting for Corbett in 2011, they seem very adamant against doing so this time around. So not only will we have to deal with growing liberal demographics, but a fractured front thanks to some who are really turned off by Corbett via other issues.

            I hate to generalize but they really will vote in a wolf (no pun intended) knowing that any gun control passed won’t affect them. Being a native New Yorker who’s fully aware of what can happen, I try to educate them in the most respectful way I can. Unfortunately we’re dealing with very stubborn individuals.

    1. Joe,

      I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but Tom Wolf is most definitely NOT like many of the gun control govs I’ve seen. If anything he’d be closer to a Hickenlooper than a Cuomo, and probably not even that. He is the most “moderate” of the bunch of dems.

      Mind you I am not supporting him one bit, but we would be in the best shape with him out of all of them besides, obviously, Corbett. Of course that all depends on how much $$$ Bloomberg pulls out for him.

      If you have happened upon the PAFOA forums you will find numerous folks who have contacted Tom Wolf’s campaign office regarding his 2A stances. The official response is that he supports background checks only, get tough on crime, etc., but not bans. Contrast that with pretty much every other extremist Democrat running for the office who supports AWBs. Not even in the same ballpark.

      Again, this is pre-Bloomberg cash offerings. We’ll see what his tune sounds like later on.

      1. Well, duh. You can’t effectively ban things without UBCs first.

        That is why CT will be much more effective in banning stuff than CO could be. CT already knows where the guns are, for the most part. Not everything, but they’ve got the 60-80% solution.

        I think the smarter dems taking a longer view realize they need UBCs to actually enforce bans, and UBCs are easier to get anyways.

      2. We have to keep an eye on Tom Wolf…his site makes literally zero mention of the 2A and I have yet to see anything coming from his campaign. While PAFOA members may claim to have heard from his campaign regarding it there’s still plenty of time for him to “refine” his message if he finds himself leading Corbett and has Bloomberg money pouring in. The guy definitely seems to have statewide appeal with his pro-business, blue-collar image.

        At least we know where the other frontrunner Dems stand…Schwartz is as rabidly anti-gun as they come and McCord makes specific mention of UBCs and AWBs on his site. Not sure where the rest stand but I think it’s going to be one of those 3 coming out of the primary.

  2. I took a look just now at the NJ.com page about the proposed law in New Jersey to reduce the legal capacity of magazines to 10 rounds. There are over 700 comments on that page from readers. I would estimate that about 90-95% of those comments are against this proposed law. Also, some of the comments have pointed out that this bill in New Jersey actually is worse than what the headline says – it will reduce the legal capacity of magazines to 5 rounds instead, and that the Democrat lawmakers are actually lying, or just misinformed about what is in this bill.

    In the comments section of this same page, some people have posted links to Youtube videos which feature law enforcement officials showing just how pointless these laws on magazine capacity are. None of these cops are from New Jersey though. What I have yet to ever see is some cop in uniform from New Jersey speak in opposition to any proposed gun control laws. I guess if there are any cops in New Jersey who are opposed to gun control, they will continue to keep quiet about how they feel, lest they lose their jobs over it or whatever.

    1. Here in NJ, LEO’s will NEVER speak out against gun control because they all get exemptions, and if they want advancement within the ranks, they will keep their mouths shut and do what they are told.

      1. Glad I live in New Mexico. Some of the Democrats tried pulling off some NY SAFE Act whore-shit just after Newtown, but it was mostly HISPANICS (plurality wise) who packed the townhall meetings and the State Legislature in Santa Fe. NM state troopers and super-majority of our sheriffs opposed it. Fuck the NJSP.

  3. Cemetery: Wow, that would be just another reason why New Jersey is so disgusting to me. No offense, but I cannot help but to say that after everything I have heard so far about New Jersey. If I were younger, and if I had been told what you told me about what it takes to advance in a New Jersey law enforcement career, I would have declined any opportunity for a job in this profession on my principles alone. These cops in the states to the west – the ones who have spoken out against these various unconstitutional gun laws – they are true American heroes in my book. These cops in New Jersey are cowards by comparison though, if this is the way it really is with them.

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