Filibustering Gun Control

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are planning to filibuster any gun control bills that come before the Senate. I’ve heard various stories that the private transfer ban will be part of the bill, and I’ve also heard it’ll be voted on as an amendment. I’m not certain which is true, or even if Harry Reid knows what it’s going to be yet. Even still, the filibuster threat is welcome, and is even being condemned by the White House. If my understanding of Senate Rules is correct, I believe this would prevent the bill from even being brought up for amendments. I’m not sure I agree with Katie Pavlich that this is a “brilliant move,” strategically, because I’d honestly like to get some of these clowns on record, but it’s hard to argue against playing it safe.

11 thoughts on “Filibustering Gun Control”

  1. If this filibuster gets the same media attention that the last one did it could be great. The American people would not see it as a stalling tactic like most filibusters are seen as. They would see someone actually talking about why these laws are bad in a reasonable and rational way.

  2. Love to see an actual filibuster on it, with actual points being made like the last time. And while I’d love to see them vote on something, I’d rather not take the chance.

  3. The credible threat of a filibuster is a lot more effective* and cost-effective than an actual filibuster. Now that Rand Paul has actually carried one out, the credibility of his threat has got to be much higher than for the typical senator.

    * An actual filibuster just delays things, there’s only so long you can maintain one physically. Now, if other people can use the delay effectively, then you’ve got something, but you’re pretty much stuck out on the floor for the duration. A credible threat of a filibuster can get the Senate leader from even bringing up a matter to debate.

  4. In order to break a filibuster, they have to have a super-majority vote, I believe. That would count as putting them on record as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Yes… but if they can do that we’re in trouble. Likely out come would be the legislation just dies without proceeding, because they know they don’t have the votes to break a filibuster.

  5. No rambling on would be necessary. It probably would take 16 hours to explain everything that’s wrong with the bill.

  6. That said… Rand Paul now knows to bring a) better shoes b) more snacks c) a bottle of water for Rubio and d) a port-a-potty

  7. Harry Reid knows at this point there is no chance of gun control becoming law. He is only pushing it forward to give vulnerable democrats a chance to vote against it. The filibuster prevents them from covering their asses in addition to forcing the dems (including the vulnerable ones) to join together if they want any chance of stopping the filibuster.

    1. I could be mistaken, but Mike Lee of Utah also said he would filibuster along with Cruz and Paul.

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