It’s Gadgety

I think the fun thing about this Wired article is that I agree, but I have zero accessories for any of my ARs. All of them are plain as jane. I don’t even like optics, and use the standard A2 sights on the carry handle. From the article:

“You’re doing great,” said Justin Harvel, founder of Black Rain Ordnance and maker of the gun I was shooting.

“It’s not me,” I replied. “I’ve never shot like this in my life. It’s gotta be this gun.”

“Yeah, it’s definitely not your daddy’s hunting rifle, is it?”

Nope, you can shoot it all afternoon, whereas daddy’s hunting rifle will hurt you since it’s more powerful shot-for-shot. The article contains a number of inaccuracies, but is overall decent. For instance, the NRA never supported the 1994 ban, even after the sunset provision was inserted.

3 thoughts on “It’s Gadgety”

  1. And let’s be honest here- everybody had an AR configured with all of the “naughty” bits during the ban. I never observed the rules during the AWB and nobody ever asked me if my receiver was pre-ban.

    1. I came into this issue during the ban. I never put any naughty bits on, because a flash suppressor and bayonet lug didn’t seem all that remarkably important.

  2. And just think…. I’m a dangerous criminal because I assembled a few AR’s with flash suppressors and bayonet lugs. I could have been sent to prison for over a decade! Never mind the fact that I have NEVER used violence to solve anything or done anybody any harm whatsoever. I’ve never even shoplifted so much as a single piece of bubblegum – ever.

    However, I must admit that as a kid I used to rip the tags off of mattresses at the store. And one time I replaced an instrument cluster on a motorcycle that had 30,000 fewer miles on the odometer without telling the .gov. 😉

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