More on the Halvorson Race

I have to agree with Glenn Reynolds, that when you have to dump a cool two million to get an anti-gun politician elected in Chicago that’s not a position of strength. But a Kelly win here is going to be spun as a bellwether, and you can bet Bloomberg and our opponents are going to ride that particular horse as far as it will take them. We’ll know shortly what the result is. Given what’s been arrayed against us, and the proclivities of the district, I’m not all that optimistic.

This district can’t be all that different from Allyson Schwartz’s district here, and I can’t fathom that seat ever going to someone like Halvorson. But Schwartz’s seat is going to be empty when she runs for Governor, so I would say if any of you are reading this, and are union members or other such Democrats who like guns, let’s see if we can get Bloomberg to burn 2 million dollars defending that seat too.

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