Hunting With Black Rifles

Good article from an outdoor writer for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on the use of AR-15s in hunting.  With a proper hunting legal magazine, there’s no reason I couldn’t hunt deer with my 6.8 SPC AR-15.  It’s a comfortable rifle to carry, and a comfortable rifle to shoot.  Hunting with a semi-auto isn’t legal in Pennsylvania, but in most other states, it’s fine.

4 thoughts on “Hunting With Black Rifles”

  1. I think some idiot makes a “CA-Legal” single-shot bolt-action AR receiver – but you could also just lock in a bobsled and have an “auto-eject” single-shot couldn’t you?

  2. You can’t hunt with a semi-auto in PA? My dad’s over and under is a semi-auto, isn’t it? You guys are mad.

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