Reporting on Shall-Issue in Illinois

Thirdpower is keeping up with the situation. A summary would seem to be the Chicago politicians are still trying to crap all over everything. Looks like their pet bill was withdrawn, so now they are attempting to crapify NRA’s bill. Like petulant children who are mad they can’t have everything their way.

2 thoughts on “Reporting on Shall-Issue in Illinois”

  1. With HB997 (the good shall issue bill) added as amendment 27, and with it passing, and with it conflicting with all the previous amendments, we really ended up with a test vote on HB997.

    Rep Phelps said in the debate that because 27 conflicts with most of the previous amendments, more work is needed. I don’t see this all as a bad thing. We have movement, we know we have 68 yes votes for 997 now, and Madigan couldn’t keep his minions in line.

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