Nice Shootin’ Tex

Check out this article at MSNBC. In short, two officers show up at the scene of an accident. Find two gunshot victims yards apart on the side of the highway. Police try to help gun shot victims, and are fired on themselves. Officer gets wounded. Passers by show up, and are also are fired on. One passer by retrieves a pistol from his car, shoots gunman dead.

You gotta love Texas. Hat tip to Syd of Front Sight, Press

UPDATE: The article updated to say the suspect shot himself.

4 thoughts on “Nice Shootin’ Tex”

  1. According to the article, authorities say the gunman killed himself, rather than being shot dead by the armed passer-by.

  2. It was a better story when Tex shot him. Doncha hate it when those pesky facts get in the way of a good story?

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