Last Day for E-Postal

Tonight is the last night to shoot the e-postal match.   I’m going to have to ask everyone who has results to e-mail them to me, if possible with a picture of your target.  I shot the match last night and scored a 10 out of 20 with my Ruger Mk.III with a Millett SP-1 red dot sight riding on top.  That’s about what I typically score outside, so this shoot is a pretty good approximation of the difficulty of the sport of silhouette.  I meant to shoot rifle silhouette, but when I pulled my .22LR rifle out of the case, I realized the bolt was missing, so I had to go home and search frantically for it.  I have found it, so I may go back tonight and shoot rifle.  You have until midnight to get your targets into me, but if you get them to me the next day, I don’t complain too much.  It’ll take me a few days to compile the score.

I did not manage to shoot air gun, as I had wanted to.  Just not enough time.